Biographical Sketch of Elbert H. Clinton


It is true that the worthy pioneers whose familiar figures were seen among us so many years are now one by one passing from these scenes to the rewards of another world and it is eminently proper that such as the subject of this article should be granted a memorial in the volume that chronicles the history of the County where he labored and endured, manifesting always these pleasant virtues and principles that characterize the true and typical man.

Elbert H. Clinton was born in New York, in 1834, and ten years later his father’s family came to Wisconsin, whence they went in 1852, to Iowa, and soon thereafter to Sacramento Valley, California. Our subject was in all these journeys, and in 1863 he came to Silver City and thence to Jordan Valley, being one of the very first white men who settled in this vicinity. He took land and went to farming and raising stock, and success from the start attended his industry and wise management of his business. This business occupied him until the time for him to depart the cares and labors of earth. This sad event occurred in January, 1900, and with sincere mourning among a very large circle of friends, this worthy pioneer and good man was consigned to his last resting place. he was a man of energy, and always manifested great interest in the affairs of the County, being a leading and influential citizen, respected by all and worthy of the confidence that was reposed in him by the people.



Whitman, Marcus. An Illustrated history of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Chicago: Western Historical Publishing Co., 1902, 871 pgs.

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