List of Persons Who claim to be Entitled to Enrollment

Exhibit  F

List of persons who claim to be entitled to enrollment as citizens and freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, prepared with a view to remedial legislation.

Choctaws 303
Mississippi Choctaws 63
Chickasaws 133
Cherokees 141
Creeks 97
Seminoles 4
Total  741

Approximate number of duplications 12

Total (net) 729

Note.—This list includes the 52 persons named in the report of the Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes of November 15, 1907; also about 12 duplications.


The majority of the names appearing on the attached sheets will be found in alphabetical order, one page being devoted to each person or family.

The following names, however, not having been arranged in the list in alphabetical order, will be found on the pages designated below. Some of them include families, although it may not be so indicated In this index.

Adams, Mollie, et al., see Scarborough.
Bailey, Rufinia, see Secor.
Baker, Annie, see Vaughn, Robert L.
Baptist, Frizene, see Fames
Baptist, Joseph, see Fames.
Baptist, (child of Frizene), see Fames.
Bell, Carrie, et al., see Johns.
Bellvell, Mollie, see Olson.
Bellvell, Zena, see Olson.
Benge, Young, see Boone.
Bivin, James R., see Howards.
Bond, Ora, et al., see Bean.
Bonds, Richard, see Farve, Charles.
Boone, Frank, see Bean.
Boone, Volney, see Bean.
Borshe, Daisy, see Harris, Emma.
Brown, Carl, see Love.
Brown, Hattie, see Love.
Brown, Leo, see Love.
Brown, Lorena, see Love.
Brown, Joseph H., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Brown, Parmella. see Wilson Katie.
Bullfrog, Chelousa, see Speak jr.
Bumgarner, George A., see Scarborough.
Burkhardt, Lizzie, see Fames.
Butler, Charley, see Vaughn, Robert L.
Buzzard. Charles, see Boone.
Canoe, Nancy, see Cordray.
Carson, Millard D., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Catcher, Charley (or Teehee), see Cordray
Chapman, R. L., et al., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Charles, Cilley, see Battieste.
Charles. Sarley, see Battieste.
Choate, Annie Corine, see Smith, Mary Ann.
Choate, Ed, see Smith, Mary Ann.
Choate, Jewel Ella, see Smith, Mary Ann.
Choate, Robert, see Smith, Mary Ann.
Christie, see Cordray.
Coffey, George, see Cordray.
Cookinghead. Jesse, see Cordray.
Crutchfield, Everett, see Scarborough.
Cummins, James, see Boyd.
Cummins, Nancy E., et al., see Boyd.
Darken. Sarah Jane, et al., see Harton.
Davis. William T., see Howards.
Dobbs, Jennie, et al.. see Sinclair.
Douglas, Earnest, see Stephenson.
Dunham, Nannie, see Scarborough.
Ellick, Buck, see Downing, Laura.
Elms, Sarah, see Boyd.
Ensharley, Annie, see Arpelar.
Epps, Mary, see Henry.
Farve, Earnest, see Fames.
Farve, Seymour, see Fames.
Flack (nee Wilson), Anna, see Wilson, Harriett.
Flint, Leo W., et al., see Fox.
Foreman, Thomas, see Speaker.
Franklin, Fannie, see Love.
Gardner, Rena, see Fames
Going, James, see Lewis, Ellis.
Gordon, Harriet, et al., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Greenup. Sarah, see Love.
Hair. Samuel, see Howe, Leora.
Harjo, , see Howards.
Henry, Mary, see Henry, Elizabeth J.
Hickman, Gaston, see McMillan, Henry.
Hodges, Mary, see Wilson, Agnes.
Hogshooter, Jessie, see Howe, Leora.
Hogshooter, Willie, see Howe, Leora.
Hoper, Louis, see Battieste.
Howell. Leora, see Howe, Leora.
Istichi, Silla, see Lewis, Ellis.
Jackson, , see Fames.
Jackson, Mary, see Ivey, Fannie.
Jacob, Johnson, see Battieste.
Johnico and wife, see Johniko.
Johnson, Joseph, see Boyd.
Jones, nee Wilson, Martha, see Wilson. Harriett.
Jordan. Leona Leila, see Johnson, Frank.
Kingfisher, Joe, see Cloud.
Lee, Robert, see Vaughn. Allen J.
Lucar, John, et al., see Palmer.
Manuel, Caesar, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Manuel, Zelmore, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Mayautubbee, Mary, see Battieste.
McCoy, Jack, see Martin.
Mike, Annie, see Martin.
Moore, Mary, see Henry.
Morgan, Frank P., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Mikey, Joe, see Meyers.
Noah, , see Bond.
Orphan, Buster, see Arpelar.
Palmer, , see Consor.
Palmer, , see Consor.
Patterson, D. D., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Pruit, Henry, et al., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Reed, Victoria, see Fames.
Rentie, Fred, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Rentie, Stella, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Riddle, Wincy, see Scarborough.
Ritter, David, see Crutchfield.
Sawanogee, John, see Thompson, Kizzie.
Sawanogee, Nancy, see Thompson, Kizzie.
Sawanogee, Simon, see Thompson, Kizzie.
Scott, Ista, see Smith, Bessie.
Shade. Striker, see Smith. Bessie.
Shockley, Mattie, et al., see West.
Sledge, Daniel, et al., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Sledge, Will, et al., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Smith, Madine, see Phillips.
Smythe, Mary O., see Phillips.
Stevenson, Riley, see Stephenson.
Southern, Mrs. William, see Coins.
Stout, Kate, see Ladner.
Stout, Sam, see Ladner.
Suagee, Jennie and Nannie, see Smith, Bessie.
Thompson, Giles, see Wall.
Thompson (or Henry) Leona, see McMillan, Henry.
Thompson, John T., et al., see Harton.
Tiger, Sunday, see Vaughn. Alien J.
Tubby, Dolphus, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Tucker, George, see Vaughn, Robert L.
Tucker, Tom, see Vaughn, Robert L.
Turnbull, ——, see Vaughn, Allen J.
Wesley, Ada, et al., see Howards.
Westbrook, Thomas A., see Vaughn, Robert L.
Williams, Henderson, et al., see Stephenson.
Williams, John E., see Stephenson.
Williams, Margaret, see Vaughn, Robert L.
York, nee Ward. Sarah, et al., see Ward.


United States Congress. Five Civilized Tribes In Oklahoma, Reports of the Department of the Interior and Evidentiary Papers in support of S. 7625, a Bill for the Relief of Certain Members of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma, Sixty-second Congress, Third Session. Department of the Interior, United States. 1913.

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