Roll Of Capt. William Foulks Company

(Probably from Jefferson County)

Served from August 25, 1812 until February 28, 1813.

Capt. William Foulks
Lieut. John Burkdale
Ensign Robert Ramsey
Ensign Jacob Crouse
Sergt. John Hester
Sergt. John Cannon
Sergt. John Huston
Sergt. John Chaney
Sergt. Henry Fisher
Sergt. John Charing
Corp. Alexander Armstrong
Corp. James Swin
Corp. Addison McKinnon
Corp. Rudolph Brandaberrv
Corp. Andrew Armstrong
Corp. James Anderson
Fifer Daniel McConkey


Black, John
Bowman, Christian
Brady, William
Brandaberry, Jacob
Burback, Arthur
Caughey, James
Cox, Thomas
Cramer, John
Credmer, John
Crevan, John
Cripps, John
Cross, James
Crouch, Henry
Crowl, Henry
Davis, Abednegn
Davis, William
Fish, Richard
Fisher, Henry
Fredrick, Samuel
Grace, Henry
Gribner, George
Grimm, George
Grou, Henry
Gruner, George
Hartman, Solomon
Heddings, William
Henderson, James
Hull, Samuel
Hunter, George
Huston, Samuel
Iddings, William
Jones, Abraharn
Kees, John
Leslie, Joseph
Lyon, Joseph
March, Samuel
Marsh, Henry
Marshall, John
Martin, Henry
Match, Henry
Maxwell, Robert
McCombs, Jacob
McConikey, Daniel
McCoy, Daniel
McCoy, David
McCready, William
McIntosh, Anguish
McIntosh, Angus
McKay, Daniel
McKee, Alexander
McKee, Daniel
McKee, James
McKee, John
McLaughlin, Ephraim
McLaughlin, John
McMillen, Alexander
McMillen, James
Melone, David
Miller, Henry
Moore, George
Muce, Jacob
Ogle, Hercules
Perry, James
Perry, John
Phillips, William
Poe, Thomas
Poe, William
Quinn, Daniel
Randolph, James
Randolph, William
Reed, Elias
Rees, John
Riley, Mathew
Ritchie, Isaac
Ritter, Jacob
Robinson, Aaron
Saint, John
Sheehan, William
Smith, Jabez
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Lewis
Smoot, William
Spacht, John
Spearth, John
Swim, James
Walker, Peter
Way, Eli
Welch, Lewis
Whitmore, John
Year, Armstrong
Zear, Anthony

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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