Roll Of Captain Joseph Holmes’ Company

(Probably from Jefferson County)

Served from August 23, 1812 until February 28, 1814.

Capt. Joseph Holmes
Lieut. William Thorne
Lieut. John Ramsey
Ensign David Mitchell
Sergt. Francis Popham
Sergt. James Gilmore
Sergt. Alexander Smith
Sergt. John McCully
Corp. Edward Vanhorn
Corp. John Pollock
Corp. Thomas McBride
Corp. Joseph Hagerman
Drummer John McClintick
Drummer James Roff


Arnold, James
Arnold, Reason
Arnold, Samuel
Asher, Anthony
Barcus, William
Barks, William
Belch, James
Birttel, John
Briggs, David
Brookan, George
Brotell, John
Brown, James
Cahill, Phillip
Carpenter, George
Chaffin, James
Drocaw, George
Edington, Isaac
Elliott, Finley
Elliott, Thomas
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Thomas
Foster, Benjamin
Gilpin, Samuel
Glass, Thomas
Guttery, John A
Harper, William
Harriman, John
Hawthorne, John
Henry, Isaac
Hughes, Joseph
Kelley, Mathew
Kendall, Rhesa
Kerr, Samuel
Kyle, William
Laning, Jacob
Leach, John
Logan, Richard
Long, James
Madden, Patrick H
Maxwell, Robert
McClay, Benjamin
McClery, Benjamin
McClintock, John
McClintock, William
McCullough, James
McDonald, Thomas
McElroy, George
McFadden, Thomas
McMillan, Charles
Meek, Jacob
Miller, Charles M
Minnis, James
Moore, James
Osborn, Jacob
Osler, Jacob
Parks, John
Porter, Hugh
Potts, David
Reels, Isaac S,
Roach, Ebenezer
Roach, Jeremiah
Robbins Johnston
Robertson, Charles
Robertson, John
Ross, James
Ross, Richard
Sankey, James
Scholes, John
Smith, Charles
Snider, Henry
Stevens, David
Strall, Joseph
Sullivan, George
Tipton, Jonothan
Tipton, Luke
Tipton, William
Van Bibbben, Isaac
West, Jonothan
White, Joseph
Yealdhall, Edwin

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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