Ohio 1900 – 1930 Census Records

Ohio Census online research should begin with what is available online for free. If this proves fruitful then congratulations! If not, then I would suggest signing up for the online census images (links to the right) where you can access all the available online Ohio census information directly from your computer at home. Try the Census Free for 14 Days





Ohio Census Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Ohio Census records.

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  1. My grandmother was Minnie Rood, who then married Lewis Barber. They lived in Reedsville, Olive Township, Meigs County.

    Minnie’s mother was on the Trail of Tears, carried by her mother, who was Cherokee, and I have found several references to Minnie Barber (formerly Rood) in the census records. However, these leads are teases because they always require me to pay for the information.

    I am trying to establish my Cherokee heritage to get a CDIB Card, and hope you can offer me assistance in this matter. Aside from referring me to some other website, of course, because that would probably lead me to some of the sites I’ve been to that have outdated phone numbers or require payment.

    Thank you knidly for any help you can give me, and thanks for your time.

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