Biographical Sketch of Alexander S. Taylor

Taylor, Alexander S.; real estate operator; born, Cleveland, April 3, 1869; son Virgil C. and Marguerite M. Sacket Taylor; educated, public schools and Brooks Military Academy, graduating in 1888; married, Cincinnati, O., May 16, 1894, Clara Therse Law; issue, one son, Virgil Corydon Taylor, second; served five years in the Gatling Gun Battery; never held political office; in 1911, was tendered directorship of public works under Mayor Baehr, and has been under consideration as Republican nominee for mayor; in 1892, became member of firm of V. C. Taylor & Son; 1908, elected pres. of Cleveland Real Estate Board; 1910, elected pres. of National Association of Real Estate Exchanges; director Guarantee Title & Trust Co., The Bailey Realty Co., Cleveland Paper Box Co., Cleveland Collateral Loan Co.; pres. Coventry Road Land Co.; vice pres. The Wilbrandt Co.; treas. and director The United Realty & Investment Co., trustee The Cleveland Real Estate Board, The Babies’ Dispensary and Hospital; director The National Association of Real Estate Exchanges; member Loyal Legion, Sons of American Revolution, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce; member Athletic, Union, Tavern, Euclid, Mayfield, and Country Clubs; the firm conducts general real estate business, and enlarged transactions, resulting in the erection of large buildings in the downtown section, including the First National Bank Bldg., the Hippodrome Bldg., the Higbee Bldg., the Wilbrandt Bldg. and the New Statler Hotel; also handle high-class rental property, and 99 year leases.

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