Pioneers of Oliver County North Dakota

“Pioneers of Oliver County, North Dakota” serves as a significant compilation, marking the 50th anniversary of the pioneering efforts and community spirit that shaped the county from 1906 to 1956. Crafted by the Old Settlers’ 50th Anniversary Historical Committee, this publication stands as a tribute to the resilience, growth, and development of Oliver County, North Dakota. Published by Young’s in Mandan, North Dakota, in 1956, the booklet encapsulates the pioneering history, cultural evolution, and communal bonds that define Oliver County.

Oliver County, named in honor of the Honorable Harry S. Oliver, a distinguished member of the territorial legislature, is depicted through its formative years, witnessing the establishment of towns, schools, churches, and businesses. The narrative begins with the early history of the county, including the pivotal establishment of Center as the county seat in 1902, replacing Raymond (later renamed Bentley). It delves into the development of the Center Band in 1906, highlighting its integral role in the cultural fabric of the community, alongside descriptions of early celebrations that fostered unity and showcased local talent.

The booklet comprehensively covers the agricultural advancement within the county, with particular emphasis on the dairy industry and the establishment of creameries that marked the county’s economic growth. Through detailed accounts, readers are introduced to various towns such as Hensler, Fort Clark, and Hannover, each contributing uniquely to the county’s rich tapestry.

With a gratitude-filled acknowledgment to contributors of information and photographs, the committee aims to present a faithful recreation of Oliver County’s early days. Despite the reproduction process affecting the clarity of photographs, the essence of the community’s spirit and history is vividly captured.

The “Pioneers of Oliver County, North Dakota” is structured to guide readers through a journey of discovery, with chapters dedicated to specific events, locations, and developments such as Center’s First Celebration, the establishment of various churches and schools, the story of the Center Band, and much more. This brief portrayal not only educates but also instills a sense of pride in the achievements and heritage of Oliver County’s residents, past and present.

This copy of the original book has been reproduced by offset. Photographs consequently are not of original quality.

Table of Contents

Center’s First Celebration, July 4, 1906
Sir Oliver
Brief History of Oliver County
People and Scenes of early Oliver County
News Notes of Yesteryear
The Telephone Company
First Center Republican Printed In Center Dec. 5, 1903
The Band Concert, April 27, 1907
Old Settlers Organization Not For Political Use — May, 1908
Platting Of Fort Clark — Aug. 19, 1909
County Commissioners Districts To Be Redistricted — Feb. 10, 1910
Center Drug Company — Feb. 23, 1911
Corn Exhibit And Bread Baking Contest — Nov. 12, 1912
Dedication Of Hensler Congregational Church — Dec. 28, 1913
Oliver County Pays Last Bond — May 28, 1914
New Church Dedicated — Nov. 11, 1915
Mail Service
Early Oliver County Missouri River Schools
History of Center
School, Activity and Heroism
The Center Band
Base Ball
Fort Clark. North Dakota
The Church Of The Nazarene—Fort Clark
Hannover, North Dakota
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Oliver County Creameries — January 12, 1911
Dig Rocks — April 29, 1915
Price, North Dakota
Pioneer, March 30, 1900
Sanger, North Dakota
Yucca Community
The days of the yucca rodeo
Center Churches
First Methodist Church
St. Martin’s Catholic Church
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Churchtown and Otter Creek
Christ Lutheran Congregation — Churchtown
St. Paul’s Lutheran Congregation — Otter Creek Community
Scenes of the Early Days


Old Settlers’ 50th Anniversary Historical Committee, Pioneers of Oliver County, North Dakota, Mandan, North Dakota : Young’s, 1956



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