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Middlebury College Online Digital Archives

Nestled between Lake Champlain and a portion of the Green Mountains lies a Liberal Arts college of National repute, Middlebury College. Established in the early 1800s when that area of Vermont was on the outskirts of  larger settlements, Middlebury College has risen in stature and prominence as one of the leading (and most expensive) Liberal Arts colleges in America. The following historic texts have been placed online by the college for free research at the Internet Archive. I have collated from their list of over 15,000 texts those which I feel can be beneficial to the genealogist. These I have listed below:



Church History

Family and Genealogy Records



  • Letters from the Middlebury College Online Digital Archives
    As I was creating the page for the Middlebury College Online Digital Archives it quickly became obvious that a separate page would be needed for those letters that have been digitized. Some of these are specific to the college, however, many others are from Vermont families. I have not attempted to remove the college specific letters in this list.

Maps, Atlases, Gazetteers, Place Picture Books

Military Records


  • The Middlebury Campus
    The Middlebury Campus was a newspaper published by the Middlebury college since 1905 and most issues from 1905-2007 have been placed online digitally. You may read, search, print, or download these papers. The paper when it originally came out included obituaries of past alumni and attendees, so if your ancestor attended Middlebury College it’s possible there is an obituary published within its pages.


School Records

Middlebury College


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