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Seneca County New York Cemeteries

The amount of information available for Seneca County New York cemeteries online is restricted to the number of volunteers willing to photograph and transcribe the records. There does not appear to be any one website which has a complete listing, and in fact, I would say overall there is still a lot of work to be done photographing and transcribing within Seneca County is any of you care to volunteer. The following is, however, the most complete listing available of online transcriptions and photographs.

Independent Cemetery Websites

  • Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken – official website and should contain the most accurate list of internments.

Hosted at Seneca County New York GenWeb

Presently, the GenWeb county site seems to be abandoned (Apr 2014) which means that most of the newer transcriptions and photographs will be limited to other websites listed below. Hopefully, somebody in the immediate future will be able to more actively manage this county website in the future as it has quite a bit of valuable genealogy information on it. The following transcriptions and some photographs were placed online up until 2007 by the volunteers. You should expect the information to only be a transcription unless we specific that it has photographs. A few of these are labelled as incomplete on the website, in these cases it means the person transcribing the cemetery is known to have not finished it, or that the information donated by volunteers was of a family nature, and not a complete census of the cemetery.

Hosted at New York Gravestones Project

The mission of this project is to capture digital images of gravestones of our ancestors. You should expect all of the following cemeteries to be represented on the website with photographs of gravestones. Many of these cemeteries appear to only be partially photographed.

To find out if a new cemetery has been added since we last checked view this page.

Search: New York, Find A Grave Index

FindAGrave features cemetery transcriptions and photographs of gravestones from across the world. Since the site is volunteer driven, the content is limited to the many volunteers who go out and canvass the many cemeteries of Seneca County transcribing and photographing them.

  • Abram Covert Farm Cemetery, Ovid
  • Alms House Cemetery, Fayette
  • Bachman Cemetery
  • Bauer Farm Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Bethel Cemetery, Covert
  • Bridgeport Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Burgh Cemetery, Fayette
  • Canoga Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Christ Reformed Church Cemetery, Fayette
  • Cook Swet Cemetery
  • Covert Cemetery, Lodi
  • Crusoe Cemetery
  • David Covert Cemetery, Romulus
  • Dickinson Cemetery
  • Dobbins Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Dunham Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Dutch Cemetery
  • Elisha Williams Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Evans Corners Cemetery, Tyre
  • Fayette Cemetery, Fayette
  • Fox Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • German Reformed Church Cemetery, Fayette
  • Goodwin Cemetery
  • Gospel Lot Cemetery, See: McNeal Cemetery, Ovid
  • Holy Cross Cemetery, Ovid
  • Hubbard Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Jerusalem Cemetery, Fayette
  • Kendaia Cemetery, Romulus
  • Kingdom Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Lake View Cemetery, Interlaken
  • Lakeview Cemetery, See: Lake View Cemetery, Interlaken
  • Mandeville Cemetery, Ovid
  • Maple Grove Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Maynard Cemetery, Junius
  • McNeal Cemetery, Ovid
  • McNeil Cemetery, See: McNeal Cemetery, Ovid
  • Mount Green Cemetery, Romulus
  • New Evans Corners Cemetery
  • Newton Cemetery
  • Oak Hill Cemetery, McDuffie Town
  • Old Cemetery by Ovid Dump, See: Old Ovid Cemetery, Ovid
  • Old Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Old Covert Cemetery, Covert
  • Old Dutch Church Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Old Halsey Cemetery, Lodi
  • Old Jewish Cemetery, See: Willard Asylum Cemetery, Willard
  • Old Jewish Cemetery, Willard
  • Old Lancaster Cemetery, Willard
  • Old Lodi Village Burial Grounds, Lodi
  • Old Ovid Cemetery, Ovid
  • Old Ovid Village Cemetery, Ovid
  • Old Pulteney Street Cemetery (Defunct), Waterloo
  • Old Sheldrake Burying Grounds, Sheldrake
  • Old Tyre cemetery
  • Old Waterloo Cemetery, See: Elisha Williams Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Omer Cemetery
  • Ovid Center Cemetery, Interlaken
  • Ovid Center Cemetery, See: Ovid Street Cemetery (Old), Seneca Falls
  • Ovid Street Cemetery (Old), Seneca Falls
  • Ovid Union Cemetery, Ovid
  • Quaker Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Red Jacket Cemetery
  • Restvale Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Ridge Road Cemetery
  • Ridge Road Cemetery, See: Tyre Reformed Church Cemetery, Tyre
  • Robert Wooden Family Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Romulus Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Romulus
  • Rural Cemetery
  • Rural Cemetery, Fayette
  • Saint Columbkille Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Saint Marys Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Romulus
  • Samuel Bear Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Scott Farm Cemetery
  • Seeley Family Cemetery, Ovid
  • Sheldrake Cemetery, Ovid
  • Southwick Cemetery, Junius
  • Spring Brook Cemetery, Seneca Falls
  • Stark Street, Waterloo
  • Steveson Plot Cemetery, Sheldrake
  • Townsendville Cemetery
  • Traver Cemetery
  • Tyre Reformed Church Cemetery, Tyre
  • Union Cemetery, See: Ovid Union Cemetery, Ovid
  • Unknown Cemetery, 400 feet east of Lake Rd, Seneca County
  • Van Vleet Farm Cemetery
  • Waterloo Cemetery, See: Elisha Williams Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Waterloo Mennonite Cemetery, Waterloo
  • Weed, Ovid
  • West Fayette Church Cemetery, Fayette
  • West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi
  • Willard Asylum Cemetery, Willard
  • Willard Cemetery, See: Willard Asylum Cemetery, Willard
  • Willard Psychiatric Center Cemetery
  • Willowdale, Rose Hill
  • Wooden and Nicholson Cemeteries, Junius

Search: Billion Graves for Cemeteries in Seneca County New York

Billion Graves is the new comer to online gravestone photographs and as such as of the last update of this page has photographs from only two cemeteries found within Seneca County New York.

  • Kendaia Cemetery, Romulus
  • Quaker Cemetery, Waterloo

Mac Neal Dutch Reformed Cemetery

This manuscript provides vitals from the cemetery records for Mac Neal Dutch Reformed cemetery. I can only find it available online at Ancestry though you can order it through a Family History Library. It may also be the same listing available at FindAGrave, so I’ve included those below as well, though they spell it differently.

New York Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to New York Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States.

Search Military Records - Fold3

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