Hotels of Sherburne New York

The first tavern in the village was kept by Dr. Asa White on the corner where the Presbyterian church now stands. The first tavern on the site of the Medbury House was built in 1803 by Samuel Stebbins, who kept it in company with Bela Scoville till about 1809. That building forms the south-west part of the present hotel, the main portion of which was built by U. T. Harvey. The present proprietor is William L. Daniels, who purchased a half interest in the J. G. Smith property in April, 1877, and the remaining half interest of H. B. Griswold, in June, 1879. The Hopson House was built by L. R. Hopson while the Chenango canal was in process of construction, (1834-‘6,) and was kept by him for several years at different times. It is now kept by W. W. Gillson, who leased the property of N. G. Hopson, June 1, 1879. The American House was built in 1872, by James Hinman, for a tenant and boarding-house. In 1876 L. D. Hopson, the present proprietor, bought the property and converted it into a hotel, and has since kept it as such.


Smith, James H. History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York. Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co. 1880.

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