Census of Onondagas on the Tuscarora Reservation of New York, 1896

Census of the Onondagas on the Tuscarora Reservation, Indians of New York Agency, New York taken by John Gansworth, United States Indian Agent, June 1896.

Census of Onondagas on the Tuscarora Reservation of New York, 1896

# Last Name First Name Sex
1 Chew Ozias M
2 Cusick Charles M
3 Gansworth Libbie F
4 Gansworth Elmer M
5 Garlow Martha F
6 Garlow Minnie F
7 Garlow Hazel F
8 Garlow Philip M
9 Garlow James M
10 Garlow William M
11 Garlow Claudius? M
12 Garlow May F
13 Greene Morris M
14 Greene Jonas M
15 Greene Phebe F
16 Jack Catherine F
17 Jack Naomi F
18 Jack Marvin M
19 Johnson Lucy F
20 Johnson Lyman M
21 Jacobs Ozias M
22 Jacobs Wilson M
23 Mt.Pleasant Charlotte F
24 Mt.Pleasant Rollin M
25 Mt.Pleasant Nelson M
26 Mt.Pleasant Amos M
27 Patterson Titus M
28 Patterson Leah F
29 Patterson Edna F
30 Patterson Bert M
31 Bembleton Simeon M
32 Printup Elizabeth F
33 Printup William M
34 Printup Moses M
35 Printup Charles M
36 Printup Harrison M
37 Printup Ezekiel M
38 Printup Harvey M
39 Printup Daniel Jr. M
40 Thompson Jennie F
41 Thompson Moses M
42 Thompson Annie F
43 Thompson Jennie F
44 Thompson Lucy G. F
45 Thompson Lottie F

Tuscarora Reservation,

Partridge, Dennis. 1896 Census of New York Indians. Web. 2002.

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