Biography of Abram A. Post

Abram A. Post, owner of one of the finest farms in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, which has been in uninterrupted possession of his family since 1809, has had the advantage of extended travel to assist him in the cultivation of this piece of land and bring out its especial qualities.

Frank J. Post, father of Abram A. Post, was born on the homestead farm, October 16, 1842, died in 1904. He improved the land which had been left to him by his father, in many respects, but it was left to the improved methods of his son to bring out its entire capacity.

Abram A. Post, son of Frank J. Post, was born on the homestead, July 26, 1876. He acquired his education in the schools of Geneva and Penn Yan, New York, and in the New York Military Academy. He took the first step in his business career while still attending school, having found employment in a shoe store at Penn Yan, during his summer vacations. In 1898 he was employed by the General Electric Company, Schenectady and New York, remaining with this concern for about one and a half years, then went to Havana, Cuba, where he was engaged in business for a period of five years. Upon his return to the United States he went to the homestead, where he engaged in farming. and where he is enjoying the beauties of a country home. The dwelling house is fitted up with all modern comforts, and is commodious in every respect. The farm consists of five hundred acres of choice ground, in one piece, located on an eminence which gives it a magnificent view over the surrounding country for miles. At the present time Mr. Post is very much interested in the growing of fruit, and has devoted a considerable amount of the acreage to the planting of young fruit trees, under the most approved methods. He is a strong believer in scientific farming, and is one of the first in the section to give a trial to any invention which appears to have anything in its favor. At the same time he experiments independently, and many of the results of his experiments have given remarkable satisfaction. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Republican party, and he and his wife are attendants at the Episcopal church.

Mr. Post married, 1904, Margaret Barnes, who was horn in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania. Children: Abram A., Jr., born December 26, 1905; Thomas, born September 28. 1908; Ann, twin of Thomas.



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