Biographical Sketch of Zadock Warfield

Zadock, son of Brice Warfield, was born in Frederick county, Maryland. He came to Clifton Springs, New York, with other heirs of his uncle, and he located at what is now (1910) Hopewell in Ontario county. He married Rachel, daughter of William and Dorcas Chambers, whose family came to the Genesee country in covered wagons in 1828, after sixteen days on the road. They built a log cabin without a floor. The country was then a howling wilderness. Children, born in Frederick county, Maryland: 1. Nathan, 1802, married Catherine Worthington Burgess. 2. William, 1804, married Lucinda, daughter of Leonard and Mercy Ann (Brown) Knapp. 3. Susanna Dickerson, 1806. 4. Zadock, mentioned elsewhere. 5. John, 1810. 6. Rachel, 1812. 7. Mary Anne, 1814. 8. Surrat Dickerson, 1816. 9. Louisa, 1818. 10. Evan Jones, 1820, died in Fernandina, Florida. n. Elizabeth Anne, 1822. 12. Brice, 1824. Brice and Surrat D. died before the family left Maryland.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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