Biographical Sketch of Thomas Henry Sweeney

Thomas Henry, son of Edward and Julia (Desmond) Sweeney, was born at Sandy Creek, New York, March 28, 1850, died June 14, 1906, He attended the public schools in the neighborhood of his birthplace, and was trustee of the school district at the early age of fourteen years. In 1877 he established a general store at Geneva and was engaged in that line of business until 1885, a period of eight years, when he was elected police justice to fill a vacancy, serving for one year, at the expiration of which time he was reelected for a full term of four years. Subsequently he engaged in the insurance business in Geneva with his sons. He was industrious. energetic and persevering, was successful in his business pursuits, and commanded the respect and confidence of his business associates, friends and neighbors. He was a staunch Democrat in politics. He married, in 1875, Honora Frances, daughter of William Donnelly. Children: William Edward, Eugene Howard, died April 25, 1909; Charles Henry (see elsewhere) ; Stephen Joseph, Mary Theresa, Cora Genevieve, Regina Julia, Sarah Agnes, deceased.

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