Biographical Sketch of Rowland Denton

Rowland, son of John and Bathsheba dapham) Gifford, was born May 6, 1748, and died February 3. 1827. He served as ensign in Captain Sutherland’s company during the revolution. He was a Quaker, and removed from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to Dutchess county, then to Columbia county, New York, 1789, where he purchased two hundred acres of land. He married, November 1, 1770. Judith Sutherland, born August 21, 1752, died May 28, 1817. Children: Sarah, born September 21, 1771, died January 5, 1790, married Benjamin Delamater, of Chatham, New York; Jesse, married Cady; Bathsheba, born February 15, 1775, died October 23, 1794; Judith, born

December 29, 1777, married (first) Cady, (second) Williams; Elizabeth, born February 7, died March 18, 1779; David S., born March 26, 1780, died 1848, married Prudence Evans; Hannah, born November 20, 1782, married Webster; Mary, born October 28, 1784, died March 25, 1785; Benjamin, born June 6, 1786, married Ruby Birge; Isaac, born July 5, 1788, married Pollie Henry, born January 15, 1791, died January 5, 1794; Sarah, born July 17, 1792, married Emmons Hudson; John, see elsewhere.

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