Biographical Sketch of Richard Monroe Knickerbocker

(III) Richard Monroe, son of Sidney and Helen (McCiver) Knickerbocker, was born in the town of Hopewell, Ontario county, New York, October 14, 1865. He attended the public and high schools of his native township, and assisted his father in the cultivation of the home farm during the summer months. At the conclusion of his school days his entire time was devoted to this occupation under the direction and supervision of his father, and he thus became thoroughly well acquainted in a practical manner with all the details connected with farm culture. He made farming his life work, as was but natural, and has introduced the most modern and approved methods of scientific farming, with the most gratifying results. His farm and the buildings upon it are kept in the finest condition, and the best use is made of all available material. Like others of his family he has taken a deep interest in all matters which concern the welfare of his community, and is always ready and among the first to shoulder the burden of introducing and forwarding plans which tend to the advancement of the town in any direction. As collector for the school district of his section, he filled the office most capable and acceptably, and in all probability will be called upon for further service. In political matters he keeps well abreast of the times, and has the courage of his convictions.

Mr. Knickerbocker married, March 24, 1904, Jennie, daughter of John Dewey, of Clifton Springs, New York.



Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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