Biographical Sketch of Nathan Herendeen

Nathan Herendeen, descendant of Benjamin Herendeen, was born in Cumberland, Rhode Island, in 1741. He married, April 30. 1764, at Smithfield, Huldah Dillingham. (By Stephen Sly, magistrate. of Smithfield.) One account states that he went from Rhode Island to Adams, Berkshire county, Massachusetts, in 1769, but his daughter Huldah was born in 1772 at Cumberland and he probably went soon afterward to locate permanently. In 1790 he removed to Farmington, Ontario county, New York, exchanging his property at Adams for one thousand acres of wild land in Farmington. Children, born at Smithfield: 1. Pennsylvania, January 13. 1765. 2. Mercy, November 7, 1766. 3. Welcome, mentioned elsewhere. Children, born at Cumberland, Rhode Island : 4. Philadelphia, November 20, 1769. 5. Huldah, April 22, 1772. Perhaps others at Adams.

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