Biographical Sketch of Moses Brayton

Moses Brayton, son of John Brayton, was born in Queensbury about 1798; he married (first) Hannah Jenkins, (second) ——– . The following matter in quotations was written by Rev. J. J. Brayton: “They were both very young and without unnecessary delay began replenishing the earth with another large family.” The wife died in 1836 and the father in 1846. Most of his ancestors were Baptists in religion but he was a Methodist. “My father’s occupation was that of lumberman and farmer. I include his religion with his business, because he `worked at it’ strenuously and all the time. He was of the original type of Methodists. I find none of the same kind in these days” : Children 1. Elijah, born October 22, 1818, a farmer in Illinois, “a grand soul who, like his namesake, should have been taken to Heaven in a chariot.” 2. George, born December 23, 1820, died 1829. 3. Fidelia, born December 11, 1822. 4. Henry, born January 19, 1825, a farmer in Illinois. 5. John, born February 10, 1827. 6. Rev. Jay J., mentioned elsewhere. 7. Rev. Orville, born May 26, 1831. 8. Mary C., born October 13, 1833 9. Dr. Samuel (by second wife), born April 19, 1838. 10. William H., born October 12, 1842, assistant surgeon in the United States Navy during the civil war, and afterward a prominent physician in Buffalo, New York.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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