Biographical Sketch of James I. Stryker

James I. Stryker, grandfather of Winfield S. Stryker, was a farmer, also engaging in business as a tanner and currier and following the trade of a harnessmaker. He lived for many years at Sand Beach, and took a prominent part in the affairs of his day. He and his family were members of the Dutch Reformed church, but later became identified with the Presbyterian denomination. He married Anna M. Freese, and they were the parents of the following children: Daniel P., died March 23, 1844, aged thirty-eight; Adam F., also a tanner and currier, born April 26, 1808, died August 3, 1884; Henry, died in Portland, Oregon, one of the first settlers there; John, mentioned elsewhere; Lydia C., died June 6, 1888, aged seventy-three; Charlotte, deceased; Abram, also deceased; James M., one of the pioneers of Chicago. James I. Stryker died December 14, 1825, aged forty-five years, and his widow survived him many years, passing away March 14, 1862, at the advanced age of eighty.

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