Biographical Sketch of David Jamieson

(II) David (2), son of David (1) Jamieson, was born at Dumferline, Scotland, September 19, 1800; married at Collinton, Scotland, March 17, 1828, Margaret Muir (Parish Church records at High Edinburgh, Scotland, Rev. Lewis Balfour, minister). Margaret Muir was born in Edinburgh or Glasgow, 1809-n, and died in March, 1870. David died in 1886 in Canada. He came to America when a young man in 1834 and after living for a short time in New York City, removed to Toronto, and thence to Yorkville, Canada. Children: I. David, born in Scotland. 2. Jane, born in New York City, October 7, 1834, died in Barrie, Canada, September 11, 1910; married John Johnston (II). (See Johnston). 3. Daniel. 4. Francis. 5. John. 6. James.

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