Clifford Etsitty, Navajo

New Mexico Indians Wounded in Action

The following Indians Wounded in Action, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

  • Hiram R. Brown, Acoma Pueblo
  • Francis J. Johnson, Acoma Pueblo
  • Manuel R. Cata, San Juan Pueblo
  • Regorio Calabaza, Santo Domingo Pueblo
  • Dempsey Chapito, Zuni
  • Aresenio Sanchez
  • Cyrus Mahkee, Zuni, Guam
  • Jose B. Valdez, Isleta Pueblo
  • Jose P. Lucero, Jemez Pueblo
  • James Mitchell, Navajo, France
  • Richard H. Marmon, Laguna Pueblo, Germany
  • Ted Shashewannie, Zuni
  • James D. Sice, Laguna Pueblo
  • William J. Naranjo, Navajo, Sicily
  • Ned Arviso, Marianas
  • Walter H. Kokie, Laguna Pueblo, Europe
  • Frank Romero, Taos, Europe
  • Ignacio Trujillo, Jemez Pueblo, Europe
  • Fred Zuni, Isleta Pueblo, Europe
  • John Kayate, Laguna Pueblo, Europe
  • Frank Lujan, Taos, Europe
  • Clifford Etsitty, Navajo, Attu, Germany
  • Nevin H. Eckerman, Laguna Pueblo
  • Sefferino Juancho, Isleta, Pueblo, Europe
  • David W. Tsosie, Navajo, Saipan
  • Sam P. Poplano, Zuni, France
  • Steve Chee, Navajo, Europe
  • Joe Chavez, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Manuel Lamy, Zuni, Europe
  • Tammy Maria, Laguna Pueblo, Europe
  • Joe Pacheco, Santa Domingo Pueblo, Europe
  • Carlos Lowsayatee, Zuni, Europe
  • Ben D. Laate, Zuni, Europe
  • Joe Leekity, Zuni, Europe
  • Jose Jaramillo, Isleta Pueblo, Europe
  • Jose P. Cordova, Taos, Pacific
  • Wayne Dez, Navajo, Pacific
  • Andres Chino, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Joe A. Sanchez, San Felipe Pueblo, Europe
  • Jimmy Begay, Navajo, Italy
  • Walter Balatchu, Apache (Mescalero), Belgium
  • Charlie Cachucha, Apache (Jicarilla), Belgium
  • David Muniz, Apache (Jicarilla), Europe
  • Robert Spahe, Apache (Jicarilla), Iwo Jima
  • David Velarde, Apache (Jicarilla), Europe
  • Vicenti Veneno, Apache (Jicarilla, Europe
  • Thomas Vigil, Apache (Jicarilla) Bougainville
  • Manuel Holcomb, Santa Clara Pueblo, Germany
  • Bennie R. Yazzie, Navajo, Germany
  • Pete Candelario, San Felipe Pueblo, Europe
  • Jose L. Zuni, Isleta Pueblo, Europe
  • Arthur E. Tsyitee, Zuni, Austria
  • Fredelina Sanchez, Santa Ana Pueblo, Europe
  • Ventura S. Howeya, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Clemente Fragua, Jemez Pueblo, Europe
  • Phillip L. Martinez, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Clemente Fragua, Jemez Pueblo, Europe
  • Phillip L. Martinez, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Monica M. Garcia, Acoma Pueblo, Europe
  • Juan A. Jaramillo, Isleta Pueblo, Philippines
  • James S. Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo, Philippines
  • Joseph Aragon, Laguna Pueblo
  • Stewart Batala, Laguna Pueblo, Europe
  • Joseph R. Kowemecewa, Laguna Pueblo, Europe
  • Lawrence Archuleta, San Juan Pueblo, Europe
  • Juan D. Pino, Zia Pueblo, Europe
  • Ivan C. Hatt, Zuni, Europe
  • Dan Simlicio, Zuni, Europe
  • Simon Wallace, Zuni, Pacific
  • Duncan Sultza, Zuni, Europe
  • Telefor Tsethlika, Zuni, Europe
  • Frank Trujillo, Taos Pueblo, Pacific
  • Ben House, Navajo, Pacific
Clifford Etsitty, Navajo
Clifford Etsitty, Navajo

Steward, Ulian H. Indians In The War, United States Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. Chicago: Illinois. 1945.

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