New Mexico Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Baker Fort, New Mexico – At Manzano.
Bascom Fort, New Mexico- On Canadian River, in San Miguel County.
Bayard Fort, New Mexico – At Pinos Altos, Grant County.
Blake Camp, New Mexico – Near Fort Thorn.
Burgwin Cantonment, New Mexico – About 9 miles north of Taos.
Butler Fort, New Mexico – On Gallinas River.

Canby Fort, New Mexico – On the Mojave River, in Navajo Country.
Connelly Camp, New Mexico – At Polvadero.
Conrad Fort, New Mexico – At Val Verde, Socorro County.
Craig Fort, New Mexico – On the Rio Grande, 3 miles south of San Marcial.
Cummings Fort, New Mexico – At Cooks Mountain Spring.

Fauntleroy Fort, New Mexico – Name changed to Fort Lyon
Fillmore Fort, New Mexico – Near Mesilla.

Gila Copper Mines, Post at, New Mexico – Fort McLane.

Hatch’s Ranch Post at, New Mexico – Sixty-five miles from Fort Union.

Loring Camp, New Mexico – Near Red River.
Lowell Fort, New Mexico – On Chama River; established as Camp Plummer.
Lyon, Fort, N. Mex. – One hundred and twenty -six miles northwest of Albuquerque ; first named Fort Fauntleroy.

Maggoffin Camp, New Mexico – Near White Mountain.
Marcy Fort, New Mexico – At Santa Fe.
Mora River Fort on, New Mexico – Fort Union.

Ojo Calienti Camp at, New Mexico – An outpost of Fort Craig.

McLane Fort, New Mexico – Fifteen miles south of Santa Rita copper mines.
McRae Fort, New Mexico – Near the Rio Grande, at the Ojo del Muerto.

Peralto Station, New Mexico – On Rio Grande, near Albuquerque.
Plummer, Camp, New Mexico – Name changed to Fort Lowell.

Rio Gila Depot, New Mexico – South of the Mogollon Mountains.

St. John the Baptist Fort, New Mexico – On the Rio del Norte.
Santa Fe Fort at, New Mexico – Fort Marcy.
Selden, Fort, New Mexico – Nine miles from Dona Ana.
Scott Winfield Camp, New Mexico – On Gallinas River.
Santa Fe National Cemetery, New Mexico – At Santa Fe.
Stanton Fort, New Mexico – Lincoln County, on the Rio Bonita.
Stevens, Fort, New Mexico.
Sumner Fort, New Mexico – Guadalupe County, at the Bosque Redondo on Pecos River

Tularosa Fort, New Mexico – In Otero County.
Thorn Fort, New Mexico – On Rio Grande, at Santa Barbara.

Union Fort Arsenal, New Mexico – At Fort Union.
Union Fort New Mexico – Near base of Gallinas or Turkey Mountains.
Fort Union and the Frontier Army in the Southwest: A Historic Resource Study, Fort Union National Monument, Fort Union, New Mexico

Vigilance Camp, New Mexico – Near Albuquerque.

Webster Fort, New Mexico – Name changed to Fort McLane.
West Fort, New Mexico – At the headwater of the Gila River.
Wingate Fort, New Mexico – Head waters of Rio Puerco, on site of old Fort Lyon.

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