Tewksbury Hill Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire


  • Mary Louisa Babcock

  • J. M. Babcock and wife, Miriam C. Tewksbury


  • Harry R. and Willie A. Bennett


  • Nehemiah Brown 65 yrs. and wife Mehitable 66 yrs.

  • Stephen Brown and wife Sarah and Frank L., their son Smith and Thomas Brown

  • Thomas Brown died 1843

  • Thomas Brown died 1848

  • Lucy Amelia Brown


  • Nathaniel Buswell 75 yrs. and wife Sally 70 yrs.

  • Luther F. Buswell

  • Lowell F. Buswell 74 yrs. and wife Abbie G. 62 yrs.


  • Buren Carter


  • Benjamin B., son of Bailey and Martha Corliss, died 1845

  • Martha Corliss

  • Betsey wife of Samuel Corliss 62 yrs. died 1848

  • Aaron Corliss died 1848


  • Hannah Cram age 86 yrs.

  • David Cram died 1848


  • Edward Currier 87 yrs. died 1846


  • Rebecca wife of B. F. Dickey


  • Deacon Ebenezer Fisk, 76 yrs. and wife Abigail 73 yrs.


  • Mark F. B. Fowler and wife Mary L.

  • Arial Fowler 76 years and wife Adaline B. 76 yrs.

  • Lydia S. and husband Jeremiah B. Fowler

  • Sylvester C. Fowler and wife Charlott, 2nd wife Ruth M.

  • Benjamin Fowler and wife Amy B.

  • William M. Fowler and wife, Melinda and their daughter, Clara A. Riddle.

  • Lillian P. Fowler

  • Edgar L. Fowler

  • Robert Fowler


  • Pluma, wife of James M. Gilman


  • Erastus son of Eliphalet and Shuah Griffin died 1838


  • Richard H. Hutchins and wife Sarah Parker


  • Eunice F., daughter of Benjamin and Olive James

  • Benjamin James


  • Sarah, daughter of Ebenezer and Lydia Whitemore former wife of Harry C. Kibbee 77 yrs. old

  • Arthur Kibbee


  • George W. Langley

  • Samuel Langley and wife Dolly 93 yrs.

  • Otis B. Langley

  • Horace Langley and wife Lucy J. Fowler 72 yrs.

  • Mary daughter of Moses and Rebeckah Langley died 1831

  • Rebeckah, wife of Moses B. Langley died 1831 and son John died 1830

  • Andrew M. Langley and wife Lois 82 yrs. and daughter Lydia Maria


  • Nancy C. Luce 90 yrs.

  • David S. Luce


  • Herbert R. Morrill

  • Gertie M. Morrill

  • Amy E. Morrill

  • James Morriel and wife, Elizabeth A.

  • Luman S. Morrill and wife, Sarah E. Kibbee


  • Infant daughter of Thomas H. and Sarah M. Piper

  • George W. Piper


  • Daniel, Rhoda A. and infant sons, children of John M. and Olive Richards

  • Daniel Richards 82 yrs. and wife Rhoda age 91 years


  • Nathaniel G. Rollins 73 yrs. and wife Marcy 75 yrs. and daughters Isabell A. and Mary Genith


  • Dewitt Clinton, son of Deacon Samuel and Mary Stearns


  • George R. Stevens and wife, Sarah M. 74 yrs. a wheeler marker


  • Anna Goodhue Stone


  • Obadiah Clough, son of Samuel and Ellen Teel, died 1838


  • David H. Tewksbury and wife Mary F.

  • Rev. George B. Tewksbury and wife Lydia J. Morrill

  • Stephen Tewksbury age 75 and wife Mary F. 81 yrs.

  • David son of Henry and Martha Tewksbury died 1842

  • Loisa Tewksbury died 1842

  • Henry Tewksbury died 1864, 79 yrs. and wife Martha 71 yrs.


  • Frank Tobine


  • Ezekiel K. Trussell 77 yrs. and wife Emily Colburn

  • Rev. Charles F. Trussell and wife Margaret E. Goodhue and 2nd wife Candace R. Martin

  • Ella Trussell daughter of Charles and Candace Trussell


  • David son of Harrison and Berta E. Turner


  • Eliza P. wife of James W. Whaler


  • Hannah, daughter of James G. and Amy White, died 1831


  • Frederick Randolph son of Daniel B. and Lovina Whittemore died 1838

  • Angelina A., daughter of Daniel and Lovina Whitemore died 1831

  • Andrew R. son of Daniel and Lovina Whittemore, died 1831

  • Horatio C. Whittemore died 1839

  • Betsy W. daughter of Ebenezer and Lydia Whittemore died 1839

  • Lydia S., wife of Ebenezer Whittemore

The original spelling of the names, as recorded on the stones, has not been changed.

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