Samuel Winch Genealogy

Elizabeth1 Winch, spinster, of Great Alhallows, London, in her will, made 1659, proved 1661, calls herself “bound for Virginia” and names her brothers Richard and John. It is thought that John may have been the father of Samuel of Framingham, Mass. Virginia was often used to mean America.

I. Samuel2 Winch was in Sudbury, Mass., as early as 1670. A few years later he settled in Framingham and was an original member of the Framingham church. He was buried, Aug. 3, 1718; m. (1), Feb. 11, 1673, Hannah, dau. of Matthew Gibbs and had seven ch. by her. He m. (2), Jan. 11, 1699, Sarah, widow of Benjamin Barnard, by whom he had two ch.

II. Thomas3 Winch, son of Samuel2, I, and the youngest ch. of the first wife, b. abt. 1694; d. Framingham, Sept. 22, 1761; m. Oct. 23, 1718, Deborah Gleason, b. Apr. 27, 1703, dau. of Isaac and Deborah (Leland) Gleason. They had seven ch. b. Framingham, Mass.

III. Thomas4 Winch, son of Thomas3, II, b. Framingham, June 25, 1723; m. Dec. 20, 1743, Elizabeth Drury, b. July 30, 1721; dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth (Eames) Drury of Framingham. They had eleven ch. b. Framingham.

IV. Caleb5 Winch, the eldest ch. of Thomas4, III, b. Framingham, Sept. 26, 1744; d. 1826; m. (1), Mehetabel Maynard, b. Framingham, May 28, 1747; d. Fitzwilliam, May 6, 1806; dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Jennings) Maynard. He m. (2), Aug. 26, 1807, Mrs. Esther (Mack) Rowe of Sullivan, widow of James Rowe, and dau. of Josiah Mack of Gilead, Conn., and was b. abt. 1744; d. Sullivan, July 4, 1833.

John6 Winch, son of Caleb and Mehetabel, b. Fitzwilliam, Mar. 10, 1778. The residence of Caleb Winch was in that part of Fitzwilliam which is now a part of Troy. He served three months in the Revolution, and was in the battle of Lexington. (The recent History of Troy does not find sufficient evidence to place Caleb Winch’s name among the soldiers of the Revolution). He probably d. in Troy. It was his second wife, formerly Mrs. Rowe, who gave the town farm to Sullivan The first Mrs. Winch, who d. ac. to the Sentinel, May 7, 1806, “Came to Fitzwilliam 57 years before, when it was a howling wilderness and made the 9th female in town.” John was a farmer and lived in Sullivan on what is now the town farm, No. 70; he d. Sept. 13, 1851; m. May 8, 1804, Lucy Gerry, b. Leominster, Mass., May 3, 1778; d. Langdon, June 10, 1873; dau. of Thomas and Priscilla (Jewett) Gerry. Their third ch. was b. Fitzwilliam; the others in Sullivan:

  1. Jeremiah Bumstead7, b. Feb. 23, 1805; was in the U. S. army. Went west, where he acquired considerable property. He was known to have started for home, but never arrived, and his family thought it possible that he was murdered for his money.
  2. Lucy7, b. Dec. 5, 1806, m. Dec. 23, 1828, Stillman French of Keene, b. Dublin, Nov. 5, 1803; d. Westminster, Vt., Apr. 25, 1873, son of Whitcomb and Sally (Patrick) French of Dublin. Res. Dublin, Keene and Westminster, Vt., Lucy d. Keene, Dec. 27, 1856, and he m. (2), in Westminster, Mrs. Eliza Dickinson. Ch.
    1. Mary Elizabeth8 French, b. Keene, Aug. 24, 1832; m. June 19, 1862, Henry Jackson Watkins, b. Walpole, Feb. 10, 1815, son of Ruggles and Sarah Ann (Nichols) Watkins. Her father was then living in Westminster, Vt. She d. in Peterborough, July 11, 1904. He d. in Walpole, Apr. 30, 1895. No children.
    2. Horace Orren8French, b. Keene, Mar. 10, 1834; m. in Surry, Mar. 19, 1855, Mary Smith Stone, dau. of Philander and Rebecca Stone of Surry. Ch.:
      1. Grace Ella9 French, b. Keene, Apr. 2, 1856; d. Apr. 9, 1859.
      2. Kate Mabel9 French, b. Nov. 1859; d. Keene, Sept. 28, 1864.
      3. Lula9 French, b. Keene; Res. Washington, D. C.; m. (???) Catlin, who d. in Kansas. No children.
      4. Bessie9 French, b. Keene; m. Harry Hamilton, and res. Washington, D. C., and had a dau., Gertrude10 Hamilton.
    3. Emma Caroline8 French, b. Keene, Sept. 25, 1846; m. Feb. 3, 1870, Nathan Ashton Bailey, b. Unity, July 18, 1847; son of Robert and Martha Ann (Gray) Bailey. Res. Rutland, Vt. Ch.:
      1. Alfred Henry9 Bailey, b. Essex Junction. Vt., June 14, 1871; d. Rutland, Vt., Feb. 14, 1897.
    4. George Edward8 French, b. Keene, Oct. 10, 1852; res. in Boston, where he d. Feb. 12, 1874.
  3. John7, b. Sept. 9, 1808, was a comb maker; res. Northborough, Mass., Carroll, N. H. and Leominster, Mass.; d. in Leominster, Jan. 18, 1893; m. (1), Oct. 5, 1837, Betsey Aurilla Proctor, b. Mt. Holly, Vt., Aug. 7, 1811; d. Leominster, Mass., Mar. 23, 1865; dau. of Thomas and Betsey (Foster) Proctor. He m. (2), July 5, 1866, Polly Colburn of Leominster, b. there, July 11, 1809; d. there Nov. 18, 1885; dau. of Joseph and Relief (Gibson) Colburn. No children.
  4. Susan Bumstead7, b. July 21, 1810; d. upm. at Westford, Mass., Aug. 23, 1870.
  5. Caleb7, b. Apr. 19, 1812, was a farmer and lived in Sullivan at No. 70, Keene, Elkhorn, Neb., and Grand Rapids, Mich. He acquired a competency, and spent his last days in ease and quiet. He was a good nurse and was thought to have some natural healing gifts. He was a good and honest man. The writer recalls with gratitude his tender care of him, while ill of typhoid fever in 1865. Mr. Winch lived first on the Keith place in Sullivan No. 138; then at Keene where Nahum Wright later lived; then in Keene village on Union St. In 1854, he moved to Nebraska, and was very successful on a farm in Elkhorn. He returned to Keene in 1865. After his first wife’s death he moved to Grand Rapids, Mich. He d. in Leominster, Mass., Sept. 10, 1905. He m. (1), Mar. 9, 1847, Caroline Keith, b. Sullivan, June 18, 1820; d. Keene, Oct. 16, 1871; dau. of Hammond and Lucinda (Seward) Keith. He m. (2), Apr. 26, 1883, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane (Niblo) Kromer, b. Lancaster, Pa., Apr. 4, 1825; d. Grand Rapids, Mich., Oct. 8, 1904; dau. of David and Rebecca (Hearst) Niblo. She had formerly been the wife of John Kromer. Ch. b. Keene:
    1. Frank Hammond8, b. Mar. 10, 1848; unm. res. Langdon.
    2. Newell Eaton8, b. Sept. 27, 1850; d. Oct. 17, 1856 at Elkhorn, Neb.
  6. Thomas7, b. Mar. 2, 1814, was a farmer, and res. Sullivan, No. 107, Langdon and Marlow; d. Marlow, Aug. 8, 1896; m. Feb. 28, 1844, Clarissa Towne of Sullivan, b. Stoddard, Oct. 28, 1818; d. Marlow, May 11, 1906; dau. of Archelaus and Ruth (Kenney) Towne. Ch.:
    1. Charles8, b. Sullivan, Nov. 13, 1845, was a farmer in Langdon, and one of the most substantial and influential men of that town. The writer of this volume remembers him as one of the most delightful of his early playmates. He m. Dec. 8, 1875, Abbie Lavina Hubbard, b. Sullivan, Dec. 8, 1846, dau. of George Frost and Betsey (Wardwell) Hubbard. Ch. b. Langdon:
      1. Elton Wesley9, b. Jan. 7, 1877, m. 9, Feb. 25, 1903, Grace Alden, b. Providence, R. I., Dec. 4, 1880.
      2. Walter Thomas9, b. June 27, 1879; m. Anna Keese Duell, Sept. 2, 1902; and had b. Concord, N. H.,
        1. Beatrice10, b. July 26, 1904.
      3. Clara Abbie9, b. Feb. 14, 1881; m. Proctor Edson Melvin, Nov. 2, 1902; and had
        1. Grace Elizabeth10 Melvin, b. Concord, N. H., Aug. 23, 1904.
        2. Winslow Edson10 Melvin, b. Northampton, Mass., Sept. 1, 1907.
        3. Ruth Frances10 Melvin, b. New Boston, N. H., May 13, 1910.
      4. Bessie Ella9, b. May 24, 1883.
      5. Helen Lucy9, b. Apr. 4, 1892.

      Charles8 Winch is now (1920) living in West Keene.

    2. Thomas Daniel8, b. Sullivan, Oct. 10, 1847.
    3. Ella Maria8, b. Sullivan, Aug. 28, 1849, m. Nov. 19, 1871, George Cheney Friend, b. Washington, N. H., Apr. 4, 1842; d. Marlow, July 4, 1899; son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Severance) Friend. He was a farmer, and lived in Stoddard, Washington and Marlow. She d. Marlow, Jan. 10, 1894. One ch. b. at Marlow:
      1. Blanche Ina9 Friend, b. July 20, 1885.
    4. George8, b. Langdon, July 11, 1857, 11. George8 Winch, son of Thomas7, 5, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1883, and was a school teacher in Manchester, N. H. He m. Aug. 24, 1887, Corinne Holden, b. Langdon, Oct. 6, 1863; dau. of Charles A. and Emily (King) Holden. They had a dau.,
      1. Emily9, b. Nov. 30, 1892. He d. in Manchester, Mar. 28, 1919.
  7. Esther7, b. Jan. 19, 1816; d. Sept. 21, 1818. (According to Esther’s gravestone she was b. in 1816 and d. Sept. 21. the church and town records disagree with this and are probably wrong).
  8. Betsey Gerry7, b. Mar. 31, 1818, m. Aug. 12, 1841, Augustus Thomas Wilder, b. Keene, Aug. 13, 1818; d. there, Nov. 29, 1892; son of Abel and Lydia (Jefts) Wilder. Mrs. Wilder d. Keene, Apr. 16, 1890. Mr. Wilder had, at one time, a stable on Washington St. in Keene. He was the jailer for several years; then lived on the north corner of Mechanic and Court St. for a number of years. Here Mrs. Wilder took boarders and the excellence of her catering had a wide reputation. She was often asked to furnish cake and cream for parties, and many a bride sought her services in making the wedding loaf. They finally moved to 47 Taylor St., where they died. Ch. b. Keene:
    1. 1. Susan Maria8 Wilder, b. Apr. 8, 1845; d. Concord, N. H., Dec. 9, 1914.
    2. 2. Sarah Rockwell8 Wilder, b. Oct. 19, 1860; d. Sept. 25, 1877, Keene.
  9. Nancy Locke7, b. Oct. 25, 1820, m. Nov. 12, 1853, in Keene, by Rev. Z. S. Barstow, William Edwards of Boston, Mass. She d. in Watertown, Mass., May 13, 1887, and he d. same place, Nov. 29, 1897. One son,
    1. William Hadley8Edwards, b. Boston, Oct. 18, 1856; m. May 24, 1892, Florence Adelaide Whiton of Newton, Mass. He is a dentist in Watertown, Mass., and has two ch.:
      1. Josephine9 and
      2. Rachel Winch9 Edwards.
  10. Abby Ann Muzzey7, b. Sept. 2, 1822, m. Apr. 7, 1857, George Thomas b. abt. 1833 at Milton, England, son of James and Grace (Dunn) Thomas. Res. Leominster, Mass., where he d. Oct. 29, 1902, and she d. Apr. 14, 1910. Ch.:
    1. 1. Susan Warren8Thomas, b. Hopkinton, Mass., Mar. 4, 1858; m. Mar. 12, 1887, Henry Alfred Gilchrest of Lunenburg, Mass., b. there, Jan. 1, 1857; son of John Alfred and Mary Jane (Glover) Gilchrest. Res. Leominster, Mass., where was b.
      1. Frank Albert9 Gilchrest, b. May 4, 1884,
      2. and a dau. Alice Edith9Gilchrest, b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 18, 1890; m. Nov. 18, 1908, Benjamin Marcus Vinton, b. East Woodstock, Conn., Apr. 8, 1887, son of Charles M. and Jennie Elizabeth (Dillaber) Vinton. Ch.
        1. Arline Elizabeth10 Vinton, b. Leominster, June 19, 1909; d. Nov. 1, 1912.
        2. Ruth Louise10 Vinton, b. Leominster, Sept. 7, 1910.
        3. Russell Warren10 Vinton, b. Leominster, Mar. 11, 1913.
        4. Earl Alfred10 Vinton, b. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 5, 1917. There was also an adopted dau., Ednah May Black, b. Gardner, Mass., May 26, 1908.

      Mrs. Susan Thomas Gilchrest was divorced, and m. (2), Sept. 12, 1899, John Joseph Stewart, b. Manayunk, Pa., Nov. 22, 1843, son of William and Elizabeth Stewart.

    2. George Augustus8 Thomas, b. Brookline, Mass., Nov. 11, 1862; m. Ella England. No. children. Lives in Leominster, Mass.



Seward, Josiah Lafayette. A History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire 1777-1917. Keene, New Hampshire. c1921.

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