Church Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire


  • Elvira, wife of George W. Atwood, formerly wife of James Durgin, age 82 yrs. and their daughter:

    • Bertha J.


  • Fred E. Bagley

  • Isabelle Bagley


  • Elizabeth, wife of David D. Brown of Kensington, died 1831 age 85 yrs.

  • Dea. Nathaniel Brown 87 yrs. and wife Mindwell 68 yrs.

  • Randall Andrews 92 yrs. and wife Lucinda H. Brown 82 yrs.

  • Lucy A., wife of Dexter E. Brown

  • Clarence A., son of Dexter E. and Lucy A. Brown


  • Samuel Carr and wife Nancy age 92, their child:

    • Nancy Ann died 1816

  • Rhoda E. Carr


  • John, son of Nathaniel and Betsy Cross died 1831

  • Benjamin G. Cross 81 yrs. and wife Sarah P. Loverin 83 yrs.

  • Jesse Cross, 87 yrs. and wife Mary 84 yrs., their children:

    • Mary E. H. died 1813

    • George A. died 1852

  • Everin B. Cross and wife Susan R. Cross


  • Rhoda T., wife of Ansyle S. Dill


  • Willie J. son of Proctor W. and Mary C. Doknes


  • James H. Durgin and daughter Ida M.

  • Harvey Durgin


  • Mary Eavens 87 yrs. old


  • Abby, daughter of Timothy and Fanny Emery


  • Benjamin Emmons 85 yrs and wife Imogene V. Smith 89 yrs.

  • John Emons

  • Charles T. Emons 76 yrs. and wife Jennie F. French 73 yrs.


  • Abigail, wife of Aaron Gillman (or Gilliard) age 80 died 1873


  • George Gray


  • John H. Greeley and wife, Annie M.

  • Arthur H. Greeley and wife Mabelle L. Holmes

  • Frank Howard Greeley

  • M. Rose, wife of J. Howard Greeley and son Freddie I.

  • John Greeley and wife Sarah J. Flanders and daughter Mary Elizabeth

  • Simon Greeley 99 yrs. and wife Harriet Clough

  • Elizabeth and Mary Ednah, daughters of Simon and Harriet Greeley, died in 1831 and 1818

  • Insley Greeley 71 yrs. and wife Dolly 93 yrs. and children,

    • Sally died 1816;

    • Mary died 1818;

    • Lucinda C. died 1860.

  • Amelia E., wife of Simon Greeley and former wife of


  • Calen Hayward and former wife Amanda E. Batchelder


  • Julia Ann, daughter of Rev. J. G. and R. H. Johnson


  • Hazen Prescott and wife Clara Greeley and their daughter Mary Ann


  • James Rowe age 89 yrs. and wife Mary died 1848, their children:

    • Lewis C. died 1818;

    • Levina A. died 1819;

    • Benjamin C. died 1840

  • Wingate B. Rowe died 1862, a Sergt. in the Civil War James Rowe’s second wife, Martha G. Perkins died 1874


  • Dea. Abram Sandborn and wife Joanna, died 1859 age 59

  • Bertie A., son of Albert and Lucinda Sanborn


  • Sarah Greeley, wife of Rev. Alvin Sargent

  • Rev. Alvan Sargent 75 yrs. old and wife Nancy H. 63 yrs. old their child:

    • Julia A.


  • John Sevrens

  • John Sevrens

  • Hermon R. Sevrens

  • Abigail Sevrens


  • Benjamin Sewall died 1830 and wife Mary 87 yrs.;

    • their daughter Dolly died 1831,

    • Daniel died 1824,

    • Hilliard died 1820

  • George Sewall

  • Clara Sewall


  • Peter Swett

  • Isiah L. Swett

  • John Swett 78 yrs. and Elizabeth his wife, 84 yrs.


  • Hiram D. Todd, 38 yrs. and wife, Ann E. Greeley 30 yrs.


  • Sarah B. White, age 77


  • John Wood 61 yrs. and wife Tryphosa 67 yrs. old; their children:

    • Betsy E. age 23 died 1853

    • Daniel E. age 23 died 1849

  • Stillman G. Wood, M.D. died

Billy Buckskin was a horse that belonged to Francis Chase and was a veteran of the civil war. His grave is marked each year with a flag, on Memorial Day.

The original spelling of the names, as recorded on the stones, has not been changed.

We have record of 102 instances of burials in this cemetery.

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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