Biography of Clayton B. Hilliard

Clayton B. Hilliard, a leading resident and native of South Cornish, was born November 26, 1863, son of Joseph and May (Bryant) Hilliard. His grandfather, Joseph Hilliard, Sr., was a farmer and carpenter and a prominent man in his day. In politics he was a Democrat and in religion a Baptist. His wife, Roxie Day Hilliard, bore him ten children-Rufus, Hiram, George, Emmeline, Betsy, Roxie, Charlotte, Jane, Joseph, and Chester. Rufus, who was a farmer and carpenter, was born in Cornish, and died in 1894. He married Martha McClurer, and had two children. Hiram, a farmer and a Democrat, married Belle Demming, and had a family of six children, all of whom are living. George, who is a farmer at Saxton’s River, Vt., married Lula Fletcher, and has had five children. Chester went to California when a young man, and died there. Emmeline, now deceased, married Ira Procter, of Claremont, and had one child, who is living in Kansas. Roxie became the second wife of her brother-in-law, Ira Procter, and the mother of three children. Betsy became Mrs. Adna Keys, of Acworth. Both she and her husband are deceased, while their two children are living in Minnesota. Charlotte, who married Quartus Fletcher, had a number of children, and is living at Newport, this State. Jane is Mrs. Amos Richardson, of Cornish, and the mother of three children. Joseph Hilliard, father of Mr. Clayton Hilliard, married May, daughter of Aaron Bryant. Their six children were: Ada, Julia, Nellie, Adna, Clayton, and Luman. Ada is now the wife of Frank Weld and the mother of one child; Julia lives at home with her mother; Nellie is now Mrs. Herbert Demming, and has four sons; Adna is a farmer, and lives at home, working on his mother’s estate; Luman married Ida York, of Cornish,

Clayton B. Hilliard, after being educated in the town schools of Cornish, began life for himself as a farmer, and later worked in the butcher’s business. He is quite prominently identified with the politics of the town, and is well informed on all questions of public or local interest. The community had the advantage of his services in the capacity of Selectman for one term. Few residents are more active in forwarding movements for the general welfare. He married Sybil Lear, daughter of William and Hannah (Fletcher) Lear. She is the mother of two children-Ethel Hilliard and Wallace Hilliard. Mrs. Hilliard’s mother died about ten years ago.



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