Tale of Coyote And The Turkeys

Coyote was looking for something to eat, for he was hungry as ever. Finally, on his way, he heard a noise. He thought to himself, “Some people must be having lots of fun,” so he made up his mind to go and enjoy himself with them. He went in the direction of the noise and he found many Turkeys. They were having fun by getting into a large sack and rolling down a steep hill. When the Turkeys saw him coming they said that they were going to put him in too. Coyote came and wanted to take part in the fun, for he thought it a good chance to kill some of the Turkeys. He let the Turkeys roll him down the hill two or three times; then he thought that his time had come to carry out his plan. He told all the Turkeys to get into the sack and he would roll them down the hill. Every one of them crawled into the sack, and then Coyote tied it fast at each end, so that they could not get out, and put it on his back and started for home. He had four young sons at home, and calling them to him he opened the sack and took out one of the Turkeys, saying: “You see this. I have that sack full of Turkeys. Build a big fire and we will have a feast.” They built a fire, but did not have enough wood to make a big, hot fire. “We will go to the timber for wood, and you,” speaking to his youngest son, “stay here and watch the sack.” ” Be careful not to untie the strings,” said Coyote. Then he and his three sons started for the wood. After they had been gone a little while young Coyote thought he would look into the sack and see what the Turkeys were doing. He untied the strings, and just as soon as he untied the strings the Turkeys all ran out and flew away. Young Coyote did not know what to do, but finally he decided to put some dirt in the sack and fool his father that way. He went to work and filled the sack with dirt. His father returned and said, “Now, children, we will have a fine feast,” and went to the sack to kill three or four more of the Turkeys; but when he opened the sack he found nothing but dirt in it. Coyote was very angry at his son, and he asked him how he had let the Turkeys get away, and the boy told him all about it. Coyote killed his young son and ate him in place of the Turkeys.

Caddo, Legends,

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