Services of Ballinger and Lee

Evidence of the service on the Department of the Interior and the attorneys for the nations of the foregoing statements of fact.

Muskogee, Okla., November 3, 1910.

W. C. Pollock, Esq.,
Representative of the Secretary of the Interior,
Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, Muskogee, Okla. Sir:

Under separate cover we hand you copy of statements of fact prepared by ns in Choctaw-Chickasaw citizenship cases, which we shall offer to the committees of Congress as a correct statement in the respective cases.

Service is made upon you, as the representative of the department here, in order that these cases may be checked up by the department, and any objection on the part of the department to the enrollment of the respective claimants presented to the committees of Congress when these cases are taken up by said committees for consideration and final disposition.

The following is a list of said cases:

Agnes O. Mallory. Choctaw.
Sarah A. Kelton et al., Choctaw.
Sallie Berryman et al., Choctaw.
A. A. Spring et al., Choctaw.
Lizzie Henry, Choctaw.
W. A. Clark et al., Choctaw.
Oscar Casey et al., Chickasaw.
Nancy J. Cooper et al., Choctaw.
Mary Huffman et al., Choctaw.
Kate Camel et al., Choctaw.
Joseph C. Moore et al., Chickasaw.
Robert Coins et al., Choctaw.
John P. Holder et al., Chickasaw.
Z. T. Bottoms et al., Choctaw.
John McCarty et al.,
Anderson McCarty et al.. Choctaws.
Edward J. Home et al., Choctaw.
D. .B. Vernon et al., Choctaw.
Wm. E. Moore et al., Choctaw.
Sarah Palmer et al.. Chickasaw.
F. K. West et al., Choctaw.
W. R. Sessums et al., Choctaw.
Emily J. Zumwalt et al., Choctaw.
James C. Johnson et al.,
James J. Bennight et al.. Choctaws.
J. W. Sparks et al.. Chickasaw.
Virginia Savage et al.. Chickasaw.
Henry Brown et al.. Chickasaw.
Aleck Brown et al.. Chickasaw.
Anderson F. Cowling. Choctaw.
Josephine La Flore Long et al.. Choctaw.
James A. Cummins et al.. Choctaw.
Frances E. Husbands, Choctaw.
Mary A. Sanders et al.. Choctaw.
John R. Kirk et al., Choctaw.
Willie G. Patterson et al.:
Maggie Lee Glance et al., Choctaws.
John Mitchell et al., Choctaw.
John Pickens et al., Choctaw.
Franklin M. Harton et al., Choctaw.
James A. Ward et al., Choctaw.
John Franklin Turner et al., Choctaw.
Elizabeth Hignight et al.. Choctaw.
Newt Askew et al.,
William Quint Askew et al..
L. F. Rhoades et al.,
J. H. Hill et al.,
J. M. Hill et al.,
Ella Bennett et al., Choctaws.
Everett Crutchfield et al.,
David Ritter. Choctaws.
Amanda Coyle et al., Choctaw.
James McPhetridge et al..
William T. Sledge et al.,
Harriet Gordon et. al,
Rosa Tapp et al., Choctaws.
Daniel Sledge et at., Choctaw.
Frank H. Love, Choctaw.

Minerva T. Swadley et al., Choctaw.
Abraham H. Nail. Choctaw.
Robert L. Vaughn et al.,
Annie M. Duncan et al.. Choctaws.
Sallie A. Vaughn et al.,
Cora M. Stotts et al., Choctaws.
John T. Williams et al., Choctaw.
Frank P. Morgan. Choctaw.
Clemon Clay Stinnett et al., Chickasaw.
Joseph W. Gamblin et al.. Choctaw.
Victoria Boyd et al., Choctaw.
M. W. McCarley et al., Chickasaw.
Myrtle Randolph et al., Choctaw.
Evans Hill et al., Chickasaw.
Napoleon B. Brashears et al., Choctaw.
Jane Marrs et al., Choctaw.
Lou Bumgarner et al., Choctaw.

Ballinger & Lee


United States Congress. Five Civilized Tribes In Oklahoma, Reports of the Department of the Interior and Evidentiary Papers in support of S. 7625, a Bill for the Relief of Certain Members of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma, Sixty-second Congress, Third Session. Department of the Interior, United States. 1913.

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