1830 Map of Cherokee Territory in Georgia

Old Settlers Roll

The Old Settlers Roll is a listing of Cherokee still living in 1851 who were all ready residing in Oklahoma when the main body of the Cherokee arrived in the winter of 1839, as a result of the Treaty of New Echota (1835). Approximately one third of the Cherokee people were Old Settlers and two thirds new arrivals. The 1851 payroll lists Old Settlers (Cherokees who moved to Indian Territory prior to December 1835) entitled to participate in a per capita payment. There were 3,273 persons enumerated on this roll which is arranged by Cherokee district and grouped by family. Some persons who did not reside in the Cherokee Nation are listed as “Non-residents.” Three thousand, two hundred and seventy three Cherokees were enrolled and each received two hundred, seventy dollars and ninety five cents. The “Old Settlers” filed a protest against the sum. The Supreme Court decided that the original “Old Settlers” or their heirs would receive an additional one hundred, fifty nine dollars and ten cents per share in the 1896 “Old Settler” payment.

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20 thoughts on “Old Settlers Roll”

  1. Amanda Wreckenwith

    My maternal great grandmother was full Cherokee. She married my white great grandfather. Apparently, the family was ashamed of the Indian heritage, so didn’t speak about it. I’m 57 years old and am just finding out about my Indian heritage, as I was raised in foster homes my entire childhood, but my biological mother just died and information is surfacing. I feel overwhelmed tracking my GG down. I have her marriage license and certificate, a couple U.S. census listings, some info on my great grandfather, my grandmother and my mother. Not much….and nothing more on my great grandmother. I searched the Dawes and Baker rolls with her name. Nothing came up. This seems impossible.

    1. Take a DNA test. Family lore is often inaccurate and anytime I hear the “ashamed to be Indian” stories I am immediately suspect. If your great grandparent was full blood Native, your DNA should show you are 1/8. If you want help doing research, you will need to supply names, birth dates (at least approx.), and where they lived.

  2. I am interested in finding the Sutton- Lewis family. My Great Grandmother was Della Nellie Florence Sutton. She married John Willan Lewis and had a. Daughter named Ina Mary Lewis. That was my Grand mother. She married Glenn C.Adrian and had 9 children. All I can find out about Della was she married a cousin, John W. Lewis and they said” He was tall and straight and fit in the Terroritory”. Not sure what that meant?

    1. There is loads of information on Ancestry regarding this family, including portraits. What is it that you are wanting to know?
      FYI, you are posting in the “Old Settlers” forum which refers to Cherokee who voluntarily immigrated to Arkansas in the early 1800s.

  3. My ancestor is supposed to be a member of the old settlers list, but lived in Texas, not Oklahoma. Would he be on the Dawes list? James Henry Smith born in Missouri 11/13/1824 and died in Texas in May of 1900. Is there anywhere online that you can access information without spending a bunch of money?

    1. If your ancestor was born in Missouri 11/13/1824, they would not be on the Old Settlers roll or a Tribal citizen.

  4. my grandmother name is parris my ancessters lived in tahlequah,going snake, an illinios district i need more in formation names robert r parris,malachci parris,watt parris , watt parris has a twin i think

  5. I’m looking for johnson family. Jacob johnson was father of Rebecca Ann Johnson who married both Andrew Lane and Thomas Hamilton. My line comes through Mary Christina Lane who married George johnson and had daughter Rebecca Lucy Ann Carver. She married Fred Edwards Carver and had a son ernerst Burton carver. Ernest married tealia Wilson and had a son Jesse Lawrence carver who married Lorene Marie Benham. From there my mom and me.

  6. I’m looking for a connection to the Cherokee Indian from my great grand mother Daisy Bell Dishman (Married: Hayes). Daisy Bell Dishman wore Cherokee Indian clothes commonly and lived in Jacksonville Illinois, where my mother Sandra Kay Hayes grew up. I checked the lineage and it goes all the way up to “The Great Eagle’s” daughter, where the (Peter’s son) Dishman’s integrated (John Dishman).

    Thomas Jefferson Dishman and Kstsieieah (Kizzie) Doublehead (Great Eagle’s daughter, Cherokee Chief’s daughter)
    Jefferson Dishman
    Sinah Dishman
    John W. Dishman (Father)
    Burrell Tillman Dishman
    Daisy Bell Dishman (married Hayes)
    Porter Tillman Hayes (son)
    Sandra Kay Hayes (my mother)

    Note: I have a family tree showing an ancestry connection to Cherokee Indian heritage.


  7. Lynette L Beckles

    I see many people listed on these rolls with the last name Keys. I am a Keys that originates from Virginia, Dahlgren and around about that area to be exact. How can I find out if these people are my relatives?

      1. Lynette, Do your Keys happen to be from Georgia? My husband’s great-grandmother Susan Lura Keys from Elbert-Henry (?) County, Georgia. She supposedly had a brother named Jack or Josh who dressed in Indian clothing. Susan married William Henry Herriage/Harriage in Henry Co, GA in 1829. I have never been able to come up with any proof, parents’ names, etc.
        Would appreciate any help on the Cherokee Keys. Thanks!!

    1. Any relationship to Samuel Houston Keys.He adopted my grt Grandpa William Shotpouch.From the Chicota Oklahoma.Sams wife was SarH Macintosh.Related to the Doublehead s.

  8. I have an ancestor, John Horton, b 1760 in Bucks, PA and Md Ann Greene,. Dau of Meshack Greene and Lucretia (Creasy) Franklin of SC. Creasy was thought to be Cherokee Indian. Anyone have any further info on this?

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