1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll

A listing of Cherokees claimants applying for a 640 acre tract in the East in lieu of removing to Arkansas. This was only good during their lifetime and then the property reverted back to the state.

This is only an index of applicants, in most instances the people listed here did not receive the reservation they requested. We will be posting the remaining documents surrounding the Reservation Roll including a list of actual recipients in the near future.

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1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll


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31 thoughts on “1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll”

  1. I’m trying to link Joseph Alexander White of Grundy County Missouri in the 1850’s, to Wolfkiller White and Mary Walkingstick also in Grundy County Missouri. All the dates co-inside but I have no proof. Joseph White was born 1812 in Garard County Kentucky, and died in Texas is of my family.

  2. Jessica Siegfried

    Anyone know if the last name Bull is cherokee. I found during the french and indian war on my tere a realtive with that last name and i looked in up and said it could be native. This is on my great grandmas side her name was Una Corrine Cole. Please help i have no elders living on this side and only knew my grandpa and he past when i was pregant with my first born. Una was born in paris henry tennesse.

  3. My grandfather’s name was thomas moore, my grandmother’s name was Mary Hale, I was told we are Tsalagi and from Cherokee, North Carolina area, I was raised old culture, traditional ways, no tv’s or phones so I don’t know how to find out much more, please, can anyone help me with this or if anyone knows anything about any of the Moore’s or Hales from the mountains of western North Carolina area, I was told our family was well known Tsalagi People. Please, I am desperately seeking help and trying to find more of our family, my father’s name was Michael H. Moore, a well known tracker, hunter, and taxidermist, I need to find my family in this area, thank you and many blessings to you all.

    1. I have three Mary Hales in my tree and a bunch of Moore’s. However no Thomas Moore and so far I cant link the indian blood. I’ve tried and tried.

  4. I am 10th generation of Oo wa hoo skee (ski). I have been able to connect my relationship back to him. Now I just need to go to the History Museum in Cherokee and maybe prove what I have researched. In doing my research, I know that he was relocated to Arkansas in 1814. What happened to him from there is maybe he went to Old Mexico (Texas at that time) or to Oklahoma. He is on the 1817 Cherokee Reservation Rolls (#324 Oo Wa Hoos Kee)
    but no indication where he was. I have no idea where he died or where or if he was buried. There are more unanswered question than ones answered. I figure I have about a teaspoon of Native American blood. Ha Ha. However, my son looks like he is Native American and my daughter has the artistic talent and looks also, which is amazing. If anyone can provide me with more info, I would be truly grateful.

  5. I’ve been trying to look up my grandfather’s ancestors. My great great great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee woman. My grandfather is already decease his name is Pete Hamilton we buried him in Seminole Oklahoma back in the 1990’s can please help me out he was born in Claremore Oklahoma. Can u please help me thank you and God bless you

  6. Vella Farmer-Lanz

    My Grandfather was William Thomas Farmer, who was married to Genette Arbaugh (spelling could be wrong) We were told growing up that she was half Cherokee. They lived in Jasper. I would appreciate any information on her.

  7. Jennifer V Lane

    The Vaughan family from Pulaski Virginia are trying to trace our grandmother ancestry. She was born in Maggie Valley in North Carolina. It is said she was Cherokee. Her name is Minnie Rosella Viars (Viers) Vaughn (married George L. Vaughn. Any help would be appreciated….

  8. Hi, I am looking for information regarding a direct ancestor of mine, whom the family has always said was full blooded Cherokee. Unfortunately I have little proof of this other than family research dating to only 1950. Mary Polly Braidy/Brady born 1794 in Georgia (possibly North Carolina) & died in 1861 Indiana. She married Christian Eckart and they had 9 children. Family lore says around 30 years after she was buried a storm uprooted a tree near her grave. Anyway, would love to have another place to search to verify her race. Thank you.

    1. Searching for information on my great grandmother who was supposedly 1/2 Cherokee. Her name was Sally Robinson. Married James Walter Graves.

  9. madonna brown sharo

    I’m looking for information on my 3rd Great Grandmother Isabella Calhoun born 1813 Wayne County KY. She was married to George W. Meece.
    While looking through some family sheets that was given to me I found a paper that said Full Blooded Cherokee. But the paper was not sourced.
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank You,
    MaDonna Brown Sharp

  10. I am trying to find information about my great grandmother. I was told she was full blood Cherokee. I know her birth and death dates. Cannot find information on the tribes. Please help.

  11. I am trying to find out information on my great great grandmother Elizabeth Scatchwah Rodgers Driggers it is said that her father was Gray Wolf Rodgers. I am trying to find documentation on them to see where they are from originally. It is said her father came from Kentucky. Any help would be very grateful and appreciated.

  12. I’m looking for samual Nathaniel Henderson and Rachel smith my other grandparents were Agnes Henderson and Samuel Lawrence McGhee,Mary Agnes McGhee and Levi Calvin guinn,laura ester guinn and Charles Francis ,we are Navajo and Cherokee any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. I am researching my Cherokee blood line. I am trying to find my ever so great grandmother Elizabeth “Bessie” Leatherwood (Walker) DOB 1754 birthplace was Cherokee Tribe, Indian Territory, NC she died 1835 Macon, Warren County, North Carolina, US. She was also known as Li-si A-do-hi A-do-he. She married Edward “Ned” Leatherwood. It was reported that she was Cherokee but how do I confirm? It is reported that her father’s name was Ruben Walker. Did they have “rolls” that far back?

    1. Renay, please come look for us on Facebook -we have a group called Descendants of Betsy Walker. We’re trying to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding her existence! She was the mother of the Elizabeth Walker Leatherwood that you mention here.

  14. I am trying to find out what hall ancestor of mine married a Cherokee woman. either in Virginia or Kentucky in the 1800’s.

  15. Hi there,

    I was hoping to obtain more information about ResID #294, Margaret Morgan?

    I am trying to identify the Margaret who married Daniel Boone Peak and relocated to northern Alabama by 1830?

    Thank you,
    Brent Dickson

  16. I am trying to confirm that Jonahan “John” Bradley married Diane Moytoy Corntassel about 1733
    and Diane d. c1753, buried in Madisonville Cemetery, Madisonville, Monroe County, TN
    According to internet, Diane’s parents were Chief Corntassel and Nancy True Blood Paint Clan.
    Chief Corntassel was killed in 1788 in VA under a white flag.
    Where can I go to search this confirmation. Thanks very much..
    Jim Cogswell

  17. I’m researching for what I was told of Cherokee heritage. It is my grandmother’s family name of Coody. I can only go back as far as WR Coody who was norm in TN but was an attorney and died in arkansas. Any help with this name and ant association with Cherokee heritage will be greatly appreciated.

  18. I was told that HAYES, Elizabeth Jane, Cherokee. ·East Tn.– Cherokee Territory Elizabeth Jane was the daughter of Cherokee parents, James and Rebecca Hayes who are identified in the 1835 Henderson Rolls (card #5458-James,#7021-Rebecca) Elizabeth Jane is listed in this Roll as a 3y.o. child. One of the subjects of future research will (hopefully) be the fate of James and Rebecca. Were they removed to Oklahoma during the trail of tears or did Elizabeth Jane’s marriage to William somehow spare them??

    I’m wondering if this link https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE1988300 has anything to do with the above 1835 Henderson Rolls card – because I could not find that couple listed on the 134 pages

    Would someone be able to help me find this James and Rebecca Hayes were were identified? Thank you,

  19. Christopher Rowan

    I was told RI hard Bark Foreman, or Oo-ya-lu-gi, was listed on the 1817 reservation roll. I couldn’t find him. I believe he was given a tract of land in 1817.

  20. Sharon Lukenbill

    I am looking for anyone with the last name of Lukenbill either Cherokee or Choctaw Tribe. Family came from Guyman, OK area.I was told that the building that contained the records had burnt

  21. OK, I’m having difficulty with your search on 1817 Rolls. On your old search, I could type Oo and find the individual. I know he’s on this roll, page 5, #195, if my memory serves me correctly (which is why I am trying to search — to verify).

    1. He wouldn’t be #195, that isn’t anyone who has Oo in his name. You have to use 3 letters to start your search, spaces are allowed as a letter. Since you’re obviously looking for Oo include the space after it. I got quite a few matches that way.

  22. Hi, We haven’t had a chance yet to update the Cherokee Tribe page, eventually you should be able to find all of the information for researching your Cherokee roots (that we have available) from that page. For somebody to better help you, it would be necessary to know are we talking about Eastern Cherokee (these stayed in the Eastern States) or Oklahoma Cherokee (most of these traveled West via the Trail of Tears).

    At this time I suggest you start with the List of Native American Rolls and Indian Tribal Histories Caddo to Cupeno. The last page, especially, will assist you in finding the information we have.

    I would also suggest trying out the search… it works best when you type the search in as it will show results that match the title for what you’re typing. It does NOT search our databases, just our pages, so use the Rolls link I provide above, or the Database link at the top of every page.

    Best luck, and let us know how it goes! Dennis

  23. I am new to this site and am trying to find info out on some relatives who I have found have Cherokee blood. Where do I look? I know names and dates on them from ancestry.com but can’t find any info on tribes.

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