Mugulasha Tribe

Mugulasha Indians. A former tribe, related to the Choctaw, living on the west bank of the Mississippi, 64 leagues from the sea, in a village with the Bayogoula, whose language they spoke. They are said variously to have been the tribe called Quinipissa by La Salle and Tonti, and encountered by them some distance lower down the river, or to have received the remnants of that tribe reduced by disease. At all events their chief was chief over the Quinipissa when La Salle and Tonti encountered them. In January or February, 1700, the Bayogoula attacked the Mugulasha and killed nearly all of them. The name has a generic signification, ‘opposite people’ Imuklasha in Choctaw and was applied to other tribes, as Muklassa among the Creeks and West Imongolasha on Chickasawhay river, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the various bodies one from another. Among the Choctaw it usually refers to people of the opposite phratry from that to which the speaker belongs.

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