Indians in Mason County Michigan 1860 Census

The following 409 people were identified as Indians (I) in column 6 (color) of the 1860 census for Mason County Michigan. Many researchers believe that Native American’s were not enumerated until 1870, however, in 1860 the following instructions were issued to the US Marshall’s:

Indians not taxed are not to be enumerated. The families of Indians who have renounced tribal rule, and who under state or territory laws exercise the rights of citizens, are to be enumerated. 1

So the following 409 people identified in the 1860 Mason County Michigan census are believed to have renounced tribal rule, and under state law, exercised their rights as citizens to be enumerated.

The records below contains only those in a household who were identified by an I for their color. There may be others in the household who are not identified below and that will be on the actual census images.

TownH#F#GivenSurnameAgeSexRaceBirth LocationOccupation
Freesoil22Con MasaCaquet20fIndianMichigan
Freesoil33ElizabethCoqua4 MonthsfIndianMichigan
Freesoil44Wel On QuetCasaquom18fIndianMichigan
Freesoil44Ash e waCasaquom8 monthsfIndianMichigan
Freesoil55Ka tou qua30mIndianMichiganFisherman
Freesoil55Ta be ta20fIndianMichigan
Freesoil66AnniKe qua40fIndianMichiganFarmer
Freesoil1616Pa qua35mIndianMichiganFarmer
Freesoil1616Ma me25fIndianMichigan
Freesoil1616Ah she mish14fIndianMichigan
Freesoil1616Nu a no10fIndianMichigan
Freesoil1616MaryShotl3 monthsfIndianMichigan
Freesoil1818Ah zhiMicko95fIndianMichiganFarmer
Freesoil1919Ash shi sick quaCrawford28fIndianMichigan
Freesoil1919Pami sa quetCrawford4fIndianMichigan
Freesoil2020Nah quet25fIndianMichigan
Freesoil2121Ca bou um32mIndianMichiganFarmer
Freesoil2121Sha pa no qua31fIndianMichigan
Freesoil2222Skippa gash100mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3434Tish ah se ga65mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3434Jane40fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3434Ke no won15mIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3434Wa big eno14mIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3535Pa go squash25mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3535Ke ga ah20fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3636Pa qua na30mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3636Ke go qua20fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3737Muna sha wa40mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3737Nancy go qua30fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3838Es ka saw50mIndianMichiganfarmer
Little Sauble3838Waw was ke40fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble3939Shah web e nace20mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3939WilliamMacdaquet40mIndianMichiganFarmer
Little Sauble3939Ash a wayMacdaquet20fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble5050EnquaJackson20mIndianMichiganFisherman
Little Sauble5050NancyJackson18fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble5151JamesNing som25mIndianMichiganFisherman
Little Sauble5151BetsyNing som15fIndianMichigan
Little Sauble5151PeterNing som16mIndianMichiganFisherman
  1. Eighth Census, United States—1860. Instructions to U.S. Marshals, p. 14.[]

1860 Census,

Michigan Census Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Michigan Census records. See also United States Census Records for census records on all of the United States.

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