History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians

To bring one’s material to a strictly historical and classified order is almost an impossibility when dealing with a subject so diversified as that of the Red Race of the North American Continent. But I have sought, found and brought together an amount of information concerning that peculiar people that has never before been published; having been born of parents who were missionaries to the Choctaws in 1820, and having been reared among them and intimately acquainted with them during the vicissitudes of a life extending to nearly four score of years. I well know that the Indian race has oft been the subject of the pen, and still continues to be, but only in short details, thus leaving the reader in bewilderment, though historical truths were to be found in abundance among them wherever one turned truths one can never forget; scenes and events which have an imperishable memory.

  • Introduction
  • General Characteristics of the North American Indians
  • The Discovery of this Continent, It’s Results to the Natives
  • Treaty of December 17, 1801
  • Agreement of October 17, 1802
  • Agreement of August 31, 1803
  • Treaty of November 16, 1805
  • Treaty of October 24, 1816
  • Treaty of October 18, 1820
  • Greer County Dispute
  • The Choctaw Claim
  • Articles of Convention
  • O-ka-it-tib-ih-ha county, Mississippi
  • Tradition of the Papagoe Indians
  • The Meeting in 1811,of Tecumseh, The Mighty Shawnee, with Apushamatahah, the Intrepid Choctaw
  • The Meeting of Folsom and Nittakachih, the two Choctaw Chiefs
  • Name and Migration from the West, The Prophet Warrior and the Enchanted Pole
  • The Two Friends The Red and the White
  • The Chickasaws.
  • Biographical Sketch of Cyrus Harris, Ex-Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.
  • The Natchez
  • North America Mounds and Mound Builders their Origin and Design.
  • North American Indian Names

History Of The Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians, H. B. Cushman, 1899

Cushman, Horatio Bardwell. History Of The Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians. Greenville, Texas: Headlight Printing House. 1899

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