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  1. Hello! I was adopted as a young child and recently found my birth family. They said my great grandmother was half chiricahua apache and used to say she was related to Geronimo. Any information on the family would be appreciated

  2. I am a fifth generation descendant of Manuela “Nena” Torres, supposed sister of Geronimo; and married to Juan “El Duro” Murga. They resided in Chihuahua after marriage; and they are related to the Murga brothers that rode with and then, later against Pancho Villa. My grandfather is Ramon Murga Teran. My DNA test results show that I have over 45% Apache/Native American heritage. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jesus Ortega, I am intrigued by your story. I am a 5th generation ancestor of Nena Nela Manuela Torres de Murga, affectionately known by our family as “Mama Nela.” I have always been told that our family has Apache ancestry related to Geronimo through Mama Nela. I have a black and white photo copy of a picture taken of Mama Nela with my great grandmother, Antonia, taken on February 7, 1895 at Hotel Maceyra, a hotel in Chihuahua (my mother’s birth place). A woman in the photo is named Lupe Terán de Murga. Our families must be related.

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