Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family

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4Mary Ann Bishop Ross. Andrew Hair and William Thomas Jones
5Minnie Ross. George A. Walden
6Andrew Enoli Ross. Catherine Cooper
7Susie Ross. Charles Nicholas Mitchell.
8Jennie Ross. Joseph Sixkiller
111213642516James L. Ross
2Jennie Ross  Return Robert Meigs
OK3McDuff Ross  Catherine Nave nee Reese and
4Alexander Ross  Mary Armstrong
5Christopher Ross
111313643516Daniel L. Ross. Ruth Caroline Holland
2Houston Ross
OK3Lydia Ross. Rufus William Twitty
111213644516Susan Ross. Jesse Cochran
2John Henry Ross. Fannie Downing
OK3Catherine Ross. Silas Grayson Wills
111213645516Rosa Lee Ross. William Samuel Miles
2Susie Lowrey Ross
3Joshua Ewing Ross. Nellie Banks
4John Yargee Ross
5Jennie Pocahontas Ross
111213648516Catherine Ross. Samuel Grayson
OK2Jennie Ross
111213741516Emily Jane Clark. Thomas Ross, John Blackwell and Willis Battles
2Sarah Cynthia Clark. Allen Lynch
OK3Ruth Elizabeth Downing. Alexander Buffington and Anderson Lynch
4William A. Smith. Sarah Huff
111213742516William Riley
2Sarah Riley
111213841516Jennie Hicks* William Penn Crowder
2Hannah Hicks
OK3Mary Hicks
4Charles Hicks
5Edward Hicks
6Jesse Hicks
7John Hicks
8Susannah Hicks
111213842516James Senora Stapler. Lelia Wilson Breedlove
2Mary Louise Stapler*
OK3John Brian Stapler. Ella Zaphora Morgan
4Margaret Hicks*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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