Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family

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111213143516Alice Coody. William Wilson
2Lewis R. Coody. Mary Susan Cordery, Elizabeth Collier, Nannie Hanks and Martha Lavina Hill
OK3Mary Coody*
4Sarah Coody*
5Martha Coody*
6Joseph Coody
7Margaret Coody. John Stringer Scott.
8Daniel Ross Coody. Julia Griffin
9Letitia Coody. Edward Smith
111213145516William Shorey Price*
2Daniel Coody Price. Mary Ann Jones
OK3Montezuma Price. Alice Johnson
4Millard Filmore Price*
5George Murrell Price. Eliza Jane Vinyard nee Roach
6Annie F. Price. Otis Saladin Skidmore
7Caroline Walker Price. James Lee Floyd
111213146516Martha Jane Hawkins. Hamilton Alexander Starkweather


2Henry Clay Hawkins
OK  |3Samuel Frelinghyson Hawkins
4Maria Louisa Hawkins. Henry Graham Wood
5John Gabriel Hawkins. Flora Madeline Thorne
6Nannie Ross Hawkins*
7Sarah Stapler Hawkins. Dennis Wesley Smith
111213147516Frank Kerr. Margaret Taylor, Jennie Mclva Ross, Elizabeth Clyne and Fannie Lowrey nee Hendricks
2Flora McIva Kerr. Henry Lisenbe
OK3Minerva Murrell Kerr. George Washington Hendricks
4William Wirt Kerr*
5Neville Craig Kerr. Lucinda Lowrey
6Annie Eliza Kerr. George Washington Elliott
7John Ross Kerr*
8Frederick Augustus Kerr. Eva Scott
9Mary Elizabeth Kerr. Conrad Koehler and Moses Anspach
10Charles Ross Coody Kerr*
111213148516Ross Rucker*
2Louisa Rucker
111213149516Sarah Jane Coody
2Flora Rucker Coody. Richard Young Audd
OK4William Shorey Coody. Louvenia Gaylor
3Eula Muskogee Coody. Edward Hendricks Walker
5Minnie Vann Coody. David Washington
6Amanda Ella Coody. Laurel Pittman
111213241516William Dayton Ross*
2Emma Lincoln Ross
OK3Cora Ross. Dr. Robert B. Howard
4Mary Ross. William R. Badgett


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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4 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family”

  1. My name is James Burt Ross Jr.My father was James Burt Ross Sr. His mothers name was Ruth Ross And I think his dads name was Donald Ross. I have a younger brother who’s name is John Garnett Ross. Is there any info that we are desendents of John Ross chief of the Cherokee Tride. Thanks

  2. Sharon Nottingham

    I’m putting together genealogy for my grandson, Andrew Ross Sizemore. Your work is very helpful. I’ve traced his lineage back directly to Chief John Ross through Jane Ross Meigs from her marriage to Andrew Ross Nave (Srl) and directly back to Susannah Ross (Sister of Ch John Ross) through Andrew Ross Nave himself. Susannah was his mother.
    It seems that Andrew Nave and his wife Jane shared the same grandparents who were Daniel Ross and Mary McDonald.
    It’s a bit confusing so corrections appreciated
    Sharon Nottingham

  3. I am looking for Mary Elizabeth freeman born 1880s.
    Harry or Harrison green Hornbuckle or William L Hornbuckle
    All Cherokee plus may be other tribal heristge including other tribe? Do you have info. Thank you p Howell

  4. Catherine Jane Ross

    Those names stayed in the family all the way down to me in 1977. I believe I may be the last one. Thank you for the time and labor of putting this together.

    Catherine Jane Bowman Ross

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