Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family

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11Ghi-goo-ie. William Shorey                                         |A50
1112Annie Shorey. John McDonald
2Elizabeth Shorey. John Lowrey
111213Mary McDonald. Daniel Ross                                     |A51
112213Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack
11121314Jennie Ross. Joseph Goody
2Elizabeth Ross. John Golden Ross
OK3 John Ross. Quatie and Mary Bryan Stapler
4Lewis Ross. Fannie Holt
5Susannah Ross. Henry Nave
6Andrew Ross. Susan Lowrey
7Annie Ross. William Nave
8Margaret Ross. Elijah Hicks
9Maria Ross. Jonathan Mulkey
11221314Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor
OK2Cynthia Pack. John Cowart
1112131415William Shorey Goody. Susan Henley and Elizabeth Pack Fields
2Mary Goody. Nicholas Dalton Scales
OK3Daniel Ross Goody. Amanda Drew, Sarah Ross and Eliza Levisa Bennett
4Elizabeth Goody* Greenwood LeFlore
5Letitia Coody. Looney Price
6Maria Ross Coody. John Gabriel Madison Hawkins
7Louisa Jane Coody. Frederick Augustus Kerr
8Flora Coody. General Daniel Henry Rucker
9Joseph McDonald Coody. Mary Rebecca Harris nee Thornberry and Mary Muskogee Hardage
1112132415William Potter Ross. Mary Jane Ross
2Daniel Hicks Ross. Catherine Gunter
OK3Eliza Jane Ross*
4John Andrew Ross. Eliza Wilkerson
5Elnora Ross*
6Lewis Anderson Ross. Nellie Potts
1112133415James Ross. Sallie Mannion
2Allen Ross. Jennie Fields
3Jennie Ross. Return Johnathan Meigs and Andrew Ross Nave
4Silas Dean Ross* Nannie Rhoda Stiff, Jennie Sanders and Elizabeth Raper
5George Washington Ross. Nannie Otterlifter
6John Ross. Elizabeth Chouteau and Louisa Catherine Means
7Annie Bryan Ross* Leonidas Dobson
8John Ross. Caroline Cornelison Lazalear and Christine Foreman nee Haglund
1112134415Minerva A. Ross* George Michael Murrell
2John McDonald Ross*
3Araminta Ross. James Springston Vann
4Robert Daniel Ross. Caroline Todd
5Mary Jane Ross. William Potter Ross.
6Amanda Melvina Ross. George Michael Murrell
7Henry Clay Ross. Elizabeth Campbell and Josephine Pettit
8Sarah Ross. Daniel Ross Coody
9Helen Ross. Lewis Rogers
10Jack Spears Ross. Elizabeth Feelin
1112135415Eliza Nave. George Washington Gunter
2Mary Nave. Anderson Pierce Lowrey
3John Nave. Rachel Looney
4Daniel R. Nave. Jennie Carey
5Andrew Ross Nave. Jennie Meigs nee Ross
6Elvira Nave. Charles Clayborn Price, Joseph M. Gilbert and Samuel McDaniel
7George Washington Nave* Sarah Josephine Vaught

A50. William Shorey, a Scotchman married Ghigooie a full blood Cherokee of the Bird clan.

A51. Mollie McDonald, born November 1, 1770. She married Daniel Ross, a Scotchman, born in 1760 in Sutherlandshire, Scotland. She died October 5,1808 and he died on May 22, 1830.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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