Genealogy of the Cherokee Oolootsa Family

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111223144516Nannie Gunter* Wiliam Shipley
2Nellie Gunter. Lachlan Beavert
3Sarah Gunter. John R. Nicholson
4James Gunter*
5Margaret Gunter. Rufus Goody and Madison Goody
6Eliza Gunter. Riley Keys, John Alexander Adair and _____ Mowry
8Daniel McCoy Gunter*
9John Gunter*
10Catherine Gunter. Daniel Hicks Ross
11Martha Gunter*
7Jennie Gunter. Leroy Keys
12Elizabeth Gunter. Alexander McCoy Rider
111223145516John Gunter Scrimsher. Juliette Melvina Candy
2Elizabeth Alabama Scrimsher. John Lafayette Adair and Dennis Wolf Bushyhead
3Mary America Scrimsher. Clement Vann Rogers
4Sarah Catherine Scrimsher*
5Martha Lucretia Scrimsher. Fredrick William Gulager
111223146516Nellie Gunter. John We-tu-su-te
111223147516Sarah Josephine Vaught* George Washington Nave and Olney Sevier Morgan
2Dewitt Clinton Lipe. Victoria Susan Hicks and Mary Elizabeth Archer
OK3Nannie E. Lipe*
4John Gunter Lipe*
5Jennie Catherine Lipe. Pleasant Napoleon Blackstone
6Clark Charlesworth Lipe. Libbie Farmer and Margaret Emma Thompson


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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