Genealogy of the Cherokee Oolootsa Family

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4Rim Fawling*
5Ellis Fawling. Elizabeth Griffin
6Elizabeth Fawling. Hiram Moody and Samuel Scharble
7James Fawling*
8Susie Fawling. Thomas Smith and Isaac Timmons
1112137415Mary Burns. William Alexander Davis
2Elizabeth Burns. Michael Huraker
1112231415Samuel Gunter. A-yo-ku
2Aky Gunter. Alexander McCoy
OK3Martha J. Gunter. Richard Blackurs
4Edward Gunter. Elsie McCoy and Letitia Keys
5Elizabeth Hunt Gunter. Martin Matthew Scrimsher
6John Gunters.
7Catherine Gunter. James B. Vaught and Oliver Wack Lipe
1112232415Walter Smith*
111213141516Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor
OK2Cynthia Pack. John Cowart
111213142516Mary Benge* John Lee
2Eliza Benge. Henry Seabolt
OK3John Benge. Caroline Gordon
4Robin Benge*
5McLemon Benge. Margaret Seabolt
6Young Benge*
7Pickens Benge. Angeline Franklin
8Sarah Benge*
111213143516Samuel Houston Benge. Lucy Blair and Nannie Brewster
2George Washington Benge* Nannie Holmes
OK3Obediah Martin Benge. Margaret Blair and Etta
4Richard Benge. Charlotte Frye
5Rhoda Benge. Stephen Teehee
6 William Benge. Elizabeth Ross
7Catherine Benge. George Washington Günter
111213241516Lucy Lowrey. John W. Brown
2William Lowrey. Anohi Bigbullet and Lucy Fourkiller
OK3Charles Lowrey
4John Lowrey. Elizabeth Blair
111213241516Oliver Perry Ross. Susie Vann and Elzina Hair nee Goonan
2Daniel Ross. Naomi Chisholm and Sarah Halfbreed
OK3Andrew J. Ross. Nannie Otterlefter and Nannie Halfbreed
4Samuel Houston Ross. Sarah Grimmett
5William Coody Ross. Mary Ann Spears
6Joseph Miller Ross. Rachel Drew
7Joshua Ross. Muskogee Yargee
8Richard Johnson Ross. Elizabeth Stidham
9Jennie Pocahontas Ross. John D. Murrell


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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