Genealogy of the Cherokee Oolootsa Family

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111213244516Dollie Eunice Hoyt. Amory Nelson Chamberlain
2Nancy Ann Hoyt. Hamilton Balentine
3Esther Susan Hoyt. James Ward
4Hindman Hoyt Hoyt. Ruth Ann Buffington and Elizabeth Candy*
5Sarah Hoyt. Richard Hunter
6Lucy Lowrey Hoyt. Monroe Calvin Keys
7Milo Ard Hoyt. Harriette Washburn nee Folsom
111213245516John L. Brown. Ann Schrimsher
OK2Catherine Brown. William Daniel
111213247516Daniel Webster Lowrey
2Henry Lowrey. Mary Parris and Evaline Evans nec Russell
OK3Lucy Ann Lowrey. Charles Hicks Campbell
4Dollie Eunice Lowrey. James Fields* Thomas Starr and Charles Galloway*
5George Lowrey*
6Susan Lowrey. Richard Robertson and Jefferson Carter
7Eliza Lowrey. William Henry Davis
9James Monroe Lowrey. Susie Vickery
10Andrew Lowrey. Dora Pinckney nee Bruton
8Austin Lowrey. Sallie Coker
111213248516James Lowrey. Ellen Pigeon
111213249516George Lowrey. Elizabeth Proctor
1112132410516Orsinoe Lowrey. Charles Reese Starr
2Lucy Lowrey*
OK3Alice B. Lowrey
4Return Johnson Lowrey  Drucilyla Medley
5Charles Pickens Lowrey  Laura Rider
111213341516James Lovett. Annie Quinton and Annie Griffin
2Annie Lovett* Houston DeArmond
3David Lovett. Belle McCutchan
4John Lovett* Elizabeth Young nee Tetincha.
5Louisa Amanda Lovett* Houston DeArmond
6Louisa Lovett*
7Eliza Lovett*
8William Lovett. Susie Crossland and Nannie Pettit
9Sarah Lovett. Deertrack Candy
10Lucy Lovett* John Proctor
11Susie Lovett* Joseph Goings
111213441516Margaret Ann Ward Morgan. Robert Taylor Hanks and J. Henry Effort
2George Washington Morgan. Martha Keziah Mayo


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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