Genealogy of the Cherokee Chisholm-Wilson Family

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4Charles Owen. Pauline Webb
5Owen Owen. Cassie Breedlove
6Alice Owen
11122314James Willoughby Breedlove. Mary Beatty Eiffort
2William Otway Breedlove. Cecil Watts
OK3John Chisholm Breedlove. Allie Rhea Garrett
4Cassie Breedlove. Owen Owen
5Wharton Hicks Breedlove. Ordie Boozman
6Walton David Breedlove. Ora Walton
7Charles Winchester Breedlove. Esther Snyder
11124314Caswell Bates Bruton. Nina Smith
OK2Robert Otho Bruton. Edith Brownfield
11321314James Edward Cobb. Sarah C. Morris
2Charles Henry Cobb. Addie Watson
OK3Andrew Jackson Cobb. Lucy Watson
4William Wharton Cobb
5Susannah May Cobb. Roy Zufall
11421314William Otway Chalmers Owen. Una
11422314Dorothea Owen. John Hawkins
11521314Lorena Oklahoma Stapler. Earl Hampton Fleming
2Anna Phillips Stapler. Williams Jerrems
3Otway Hicks Stapler* Evelyn Gidney
4John Wharton Stapler
11524314Lee Breedlove Smith
2Lelia Lucile Smith
OK3Ruby Emily Smith
4Owen Philip Smith
1112131415Otway Owen
OK2Owen Owen
1112231415Willoughby Walton Breedlove
2Jack Thompson Breedlove
OK3William Curtis Breedlove
1112232415Bessie Breedlove
2William Otway Breedlove
1112233415John Chisholm Breedlove
1112235415Jane Gail Breedlove
1112236415Walton David Breedlove
1112237415Signa Gloria Breedlove
1112431415Dale Bruton
2Joseph Bruton
OK3Wilson Otho Bruton
1112431415Owen Hutchins Hawkins
1152131415James Stapler Fleming
2John Barton Fleming
3Anna Eugenia Fleming
1152132415Alexander Stapler Jerrems

Chisholm, Wilson,

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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