Carrizo Tribe

Carrizo Indians. The Coahuiltecan Indians between Camargo and Matamoras and along the Gulf coast in North East Tamaulipas, Mexico, including the remnants of the Comecrudo, Pinto or Pakawa, Tejon, Cotonam, and Casas Chiquitas tribes or bands, gathered about Charco Escondido; so called comprehensively by the white Mexicans in later years. Previous to 1886, according to Gatschet, who visited the region in that year, they used the Comecrudo and Mexican-Spanish languages, and he found that of the 30 or 35 then living scarcely 10 remembered anything of their native tongue. They repudiated the name Carrizo, calling themselves Comecrudo. It is probable that the Comecrudo was the ruling tribe represented in the group. The last chief elected by them was Marcelino, who died before 1856. This explains the later use of the name, but Orozco y Berra 1Orozco y Berra, Geog., 294, 308, 1864 and Mota Padilla 2Padilla, Hist, de la Conq., 1742, lxix, 1870 mention them as a distinct tribe, the former stating that they were common to Coahuila and Tamaulipas. It appears, however, that the name Carrizo was applied to the Comecrudo at this earlier date, and that it has generally been used as synonymous there with. The Carrizos are known to the Kiowa and the Tonkawa as the shoeless people, because they wore sandals instead of moccasins. Some Carrizo captives still live among the Kiowa.

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1.Orozco y Berra, Geog., 294, 308, 1864
2.Padilla, Hist, de la Conq., 1742, lxix, 1870
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6 thoughts on “Carrizo Tribe”

  1. I’m 51% native with Lipan Apache, jumano and Coahuilteco, carrizo. Reaching out to anyone with the same of one or the other.

    1. My father mentions having carrizo descendants. Born in Carrizo Springs ,Tx. I’m 60% Native American, 29% Portugal the rest single digits.

  2. Recently had my DNA analysis through 23 and Me and discovered I am 32% Native American. Not sure which tribe. Researching according to ancestors birth place. I think it is a toss between Carrizo and Coahcilteco.

    1. Find me on Facebook Paul Rivera. I found out I am 48% Native American and have found my family is Carrizo Cumecrudo.

    2. Elia,
      Were you able to find any useful information? My wife discovered she was 47% Native American with Coahuiltecan and Tamaulipan mentioned. We are having a hard time researching the tribes and genealogy.

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