Transfer of Power of Attorney

Know all men by these presents that I have appointed my brother, Alexander Matte, of the Flathead Indians, living on the reservation of said tribe known as the Jocko Reservation, my good and lawful attorney in fact to transact business for me and my name during my absence, and especially to execute any and all legal papers that may be necessary with view to the appraisal and sale of my landing Bitter Root Valley derived by patent from the United States, viz., E ½ NW ¼ and W ½ NE ¼, Sec. 26, T 9 R 20 W., containing 160 acres, more of less, hereby confirming whatever my said attorney may do for me and in my name, the same as if I were personally present and did the same.
BATTISE (his x mark) MATTE. (Seal)
Thos. E. Adams (Seal)
Peter Ronan,
U.S. Indian Agent

Jocko Reservation, October, 1889.

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