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Cree (contracted from Kristinaux, French form of Kenistenoag, given as one of their own names). An important Algonquian tribe of British America whose former habitat was in Manitoba and Assiniboin, between Red and Saskatchewan rivers. They ranged northeastward down Nelson river to the vicinity of Hudson Bay, and northwestward almost to Athabasca lake.

Archives and Libraries

Cree Indian Biographies

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Cree Indian Cemeteries

Cree Indian Census

Cree Indian Culture/Customs

Cree Culture and Customs (hosted at Cree Nation Culture)

Federally Recognized

Cree Communities, Canada

Recognized Tribes from Indians and Northern Affairs-Canada

Genealogy Help Pages

Cree Indian History

Cree Indian Land

Cree Indian Language

Cree Indian Legal Records

Cree Indian Legends

Mailing Lists

  • Na-Family-Legends, A mailing list for anyone who is researching families with legends of Native American ancestry.
  • NA-NEWBIES – A mailing list for anyone new to Native American Research, all Tribes and Nations.
  • NATIVEAMERICAN-BURIALGROUNDS Discussing and sharing of information regarding remaining and lost Native American burial grounds in the United States
  • NATIVEAMERICAN-CHIEFSA mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the chiefs of the Native American tribes/nations in the United States. Stories or history of Chiefs in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean are also welcome.
  • INDIAN TRIBES-LOCATION, One for each state.  Ask questions to find the location of your ancestors
  • INDIAN CEMETERIES, A place to share the location or transcriptions of Indian Cemeteries
  • INDIAN ROLL LIST, List for each of the Indian Rolls, discussion on each of the rolls

Cree Indian Military

Other Tribes


Cree Indian Treaties

Cree Indian Suggested Reading

My tribe, the Crees
This first-hand account of daily life of the Cree from the days of hunting and fishing to life under the supervision of government agents and finally to regaining mutual strength through the Indian Association gives insights into the plight of today’s Canadian First Nations people as well as their strength of survival.


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