Fort Snelling, Minnesota History, 1825-85

Situated at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, Fort Snelling was one of the first white settlements in the region. This manuscript is a collection of reminiscences of life at the fort, written by a daughter of an army officer. Coming to the area with the first group of soldiers, Charlotte Van Cleve describes the early years of the fort, including her own rudimentary schooling, encounters with local Indians, and the rigors of frontier life. Additionally, she recounts her courtship and marriage to a prominent army officer and their trips to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Nashville. For those wishing to better understand life in a frontier fortification, this narrative can provide detailed information.


Van Cleve, Charlotte Ouisconsin Clark. “Three score years and ten” : life-long memories of Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and other parts of the West. Minneapolis, MN: Harrison & Smith, 1895, Third edition.

Van Cleve,



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