Early Residents of Dassel Minnesota

Andrew Linquist
James B. Lewis
Louis A. Nelson
Parker Simons
Horace P. Breed
Samuel A. Bunting
Jonas J. Rudberg
George D. Breed
Louis Rudberg
John Osborn
John Rudberg
J. H. McKenney
Chas. J. Atwater
Luther W. Leighton
W. L. Van Eman
Douglas Martin
Robert Hunter
Seth Nichols
Charles A. Morris
James H. Morris
E. A. Hinds
James Wilson
Daniel Methven
P. F. Spath
F. M. Jenks
Henry Clay
Jeff Carville
Ray F. Case
H. F. Arnes
L. A. Whittemore
Jos. A. Goding
J. G. Sjoquist
J. S. Hough
Wm. Wallace
John K. Wallace
Jos. E. Foster
F. M. Boyer
O. W. Olson
Alex Cofield
Edwin F. Proctor
John H. Bunker
J. C. Edminster
Wm. Galiger
J. H. Remick
John S. Larson
Allan Weatherby
Henry L. Babst
Peter Johnson
John Thompson
George Brower
John M. Johnson
Wm. Bradford
John Norgren
A. M. Bell
C. A. McCollom
Frederick Spath
Richard T. Elliott
Wm. Desmond
T. H. Pendergast
J. H. Mclntyre
J. B. Smith
George Norton
Theodore Singleton
Henry Adlerbjelke
S. W. Maxson
Wm. Porter
Herman Quady
John O. Belin
S. P. Pratt
Wm. S. Cox
John Riordan
Chas. S. Royce
Aug. Sallberg
Milton Forcer
Noah Parks
John H. McKenzie


Linquist, Oscar E. Dassel, Minnesota, those were the days. Dassel, Minnesota: Printed by the Dassel Dispatch. 1943.

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