Second Regiment of Washington Volunteers

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The 2d regiment of Washington volunteers was officered, so far as the official correspondence shows, as follows:

Company A, Capt. Edward Lander;
1st Lieut A. A. Denny. Vice H. H. Peixotto resigned;
2d Lieut D. A. Neely;
H. A. Smith surgeon;
Strength 33 rank and file.
Non-com officers,
John Henning,
C. D. Biven,
J. Ross,
Jacob Wibbens,
James Fielding,
Walter Graham,
David Manner,
Asa Fowler.

Company B, Capt. Gilmore Hays, promoted to major by election;
1st Lieut A. B. Rabbeson, elected Capt. Vice Hays;
1st Lieut Van Ogle, vice Rabbeson, and John Brady, vice Van Ogle, commanded lastly by Captain Burntrager;
2d Lieut William Martin;
2d. Lieut William Temple, vice Martin resigned.
Non-com officers,
Frank Ruth,
D. Martin,
M. Goodell,
N. B. Coffey,
J. L. Myres,
T. Hughes,
H. Horton;
Strength 52 men rank and file.

Company C, Capt. B. L. Henness;
1st Lieut G. C. Blankenship;
2d Lieut F. A. Goodwin;
non-commissioned officers,
Joseph Cushman,
William J. Yeager,
Henry Laws,
James Phillips,
William E. Klady,
Thomas Hicks,
S. A. Phillips,
H. Johnson;
Strength 67 rank and file.

Company D, Capt. Achilles; 1st
Lieut Powell;
Strength 44 rank and file.

Company E, Capt. Charles W. Riley;
Strength 21 men rank and file; commanded lastly by Lieut Cole.

Company F, Capt. Calvin W. Swindal;
1st Lieut J. Q. Cole;
Strength 40 rank and file.

Company G, J. J. II. Van Bokelin; promoted to Major by election;
1st Lieut Daniel Smalley, elected Capt. vice Van Bokelin;
2d Lieut C. W. Ebey;
Strength 55 rank and file.

Company H, Capt. R. V. Peabody;
Strength 42 rank and file.

Company I, Capt. S. D. Howe;
1st Lieut G. W. Beam, elected Capt. vice Howe;
Thomas Sinnot, vice Beam;
2d Lieut Benj. Welcher, vice John Y. Sewell resigned;
Strength 35 rank and file.

Company J, Capt. Bluford Miller;
1st Lieut Anthony W. Pressley;
2d Lieut Andrew Sheppard;
Strength 40 rank and file.

Company K, Capt. Francis M. P. Goff;
1st Lieut Israel Hedges;
2d Lieut Thomas Waite;
Strength 101 rank and file.
Goff also mentions Lieut Hunter.

Company L, Capt. E. D. Warbass;
1st Lieut J. W. Anderson;
2d Lieut J. B. Bouchard;
Strength 91 rank and file

Company M, Capt. Henri M. Chase
1st Lieut V. L. La Fontaine
2d Lieut Louis Rabion
Strength 53 rank and file; 10 white men, 43 Nez Percé.

Company N, Capt. Richards;
1st Lieut John Estes;
2d Lieut Williams in command;
Strength 74 rank and file.

Washington Mounted Rifles, Capt. H. J. G. Maxon;
1st Lieut Ed Barrington;
2d Lieut Curtiss;
Strength 95 rank and file.

Clarke County Rangers, Capt. William Kelly;
1st Lieut J. D. Biles;
2s Lieut P. Ahern;
Strength 81 rank and file.

Pioneer Co., Capt. Joseph A. White;
1st Lieut U. Hicks;
2d Lieut T. McLean Chambers;
Non-com officers,
Daniel J. Hubbard,
Columbus White,
Marcus McMillan,
Henry G. Parsons,
Isaac Lemmons,
James Burns,
William Ruddell,
Strength 40 rank and file.
Fourteen of this company, under Hicks, did duty as mounted men.

Walla Walla Company, Capt. S. S. Ford;
Strength 29 rank and tile.
Train Guard, Capt. Shead;
Strength 47 rank and file.

Nisqually Ferry Guard,
Strength 9 men.

Lewis County Rangers, Capt. John R. Jackson;
1st Lieut Jackson Barton, succeeded by Anderson;
2d Lieut ____ Roundtree, succeeded by Balisti;
Strength 67 rank and file.

Cowlitz Rangers, Capt. H. W. Peers;
Strength unknown.

Indian auxiliaries, Snohomish Chiefs Patkanim and John Taylor capt.;
Strength 82.

Squaxon Indians, Lieut Gosnell Capt.;
Strength 15.

Chehalis Indians, Capt. S. S. Ford, jr;
Strength 17.

Cowlitz Indians, Pierre Charles Capt.;
Strength 9.

Wash. Mess. Gov., 1857, 28-30, and general military correspondence. Changes being frequent, I am at a loss where to place limits Temple, Mounts, and G. W. Martin. The staff-officers have been mentioned in a previous note.

Indian Wars,

Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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