Oregon Honor Roll

Names of Officers and Enlisted Men from Oregon who lost their lives while serving in the Armed Forces during The World War.

State Of Oregon
Adjutant General’s Office

The following list of Oregon men who gave their lives for their country while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the World War is the result of a careful search of all available records, State and Federal.

In the event any omission or error should be noted in this list it is requested that this office be advised in order that same may be corrected in later publication.

George A. White,
Adjutant General
February 1, 1922

Arranged alphabetically by counties:

Baker County

  • Armstrong, Robert Baker
  • Bates, Henry G Baker
  • Boies, Randall P Baker
  • Break, George D Baker
  • Carothers, Roy E Robinette
  • Clark, Robert E Baker
  • Cooper, Henry Richland
  • Crouter, Leslie R Baker
  • Edwards, Thomas Louis Baker
  • Erickson, Ernest J. A Weatherby
  • Flinn, Quincey A Halfway
  • Haller, Alden L Bridgeport
  • Hooper, Fred B Durkee
  • Jeffords, Harry Richland
  • Kelly, Eugene H Baker
  • Lockhead, Carl Baker
  • Masterson, Ray Richland
  • Matthews, James I Haines
  • Miller, Harry L Baker
  • Miles, Edward Neil Baker
  • Morin, Edward Baker
  • Morton, Ray C Durkee
  • Mowery, Charles L Baker
  • Neff, George J Baker
  • Pennoyer, Earl D Halfway
  • Plowman, Kenna P Huntington
  • Robbins, Chester Monroe Haines
  • Saunders, William V Baker
  • Shepard, Louis L Pine
  • Sparks, Aurelius E Baker
  • Thompson, Harry Richland
  • Vaughn, Guy R Baker
  • Weller, Harry J Baker
  • Williams, Elmer Harry Baker
  • Young, Vearn Williams Baker

Benton County

  • Armstrong, Homer A Philomath
  • Bilderback, Earl C Corvallis
  • Bond, Ruel M Corvallis
  • Bravinder, Roy R Corvallis
  • Broders, Roy Raymond Corvallis
  • Davis, Gi’over Alsea
  • Edwards, Joseph E Corvallis
  • Farmer, Wiley B Corvallis
  • Francisco, Clifford F Corvallis
  • Gray, Donald M Philomath
  • Green, Ralph Philomath
  • Lambert, Billie L Corvallis
  • Mason, Harry E Alpine
  • Middlekauff, Mark H Corvallis
  • Oliver, Guy F Corvallis
  • Perin, Claude D Bellfountain
  • Schubert, George Corvallis
  • Torgerson, Verna Wells
  • Van Hine, Jacob Corvallis
  • Walpole, Robert Nichols Corvallis

Clackamas County

  • Allen, Joseph S Oregon City
  • Appleby, Rex Milwaukie
  • Aune, Fred E West Linn
  • Berner, Albert E Hoff
  • Bingham, Merle Campbell Oregon City
  • Boylan, Lester M Oregon City
  • Branland, Verner C, Colton
  • Brown, Burton T Canby
  • Bruce, Frank William Oregon City
  • Bruzzese, Nick Milwaukie
  • Caufield, Waldo E Oregon City
  • Cockerline, Conrad C Estacada
  • Damours, Elmer L Molalla
  • Dawson, Howard Oregon City
  • Deetz, Jonas L Needy
  • Douglass, Carl Dwight Eagle Creek
  • Eldred, Lambert Orson Molalla
  • Hammond, Mervin F Logan
  • Hancock, William E Oregon City
  • Hanson, Lloyd Christopher. Oregon City
  • Harrington, Loren G Stafford
  • Hoeye, Emerson Oregon City
  • Hoffman, Edward Sandy
  • Hoffmeister, William McKinley Eagle Creek
  • Imel, Roy Clackamas
  • Johnson, Herbert Canby
  • Kelly, Walter L Oregon City
  • Kent, John Lowell Park Place
  • Kohl, Frank E Oregon City
  • Mallatt, Arthur T Oregon City
  • Mclntyre, Edward Beaver Creek
  • Melvin, Harry Oregon City
  • Mooney, John L Clackamas
  • Nollmyer, Henry C Oregon City
  • Rivers, Lester Barton
  • Rogers, John. A Willamette
  • Roth, John O Canby
  • Schwerin, Arthur E West Linn
  • Sevieri, Enrico Oregon City
  • Smith, Alfred H Oregon City
  • Snidow, George Milner Willamettie
  • Wilson, Harold Boring

Oregon's Honor Roll. Salem, Oregon: State Printing Department. 1922.

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