L Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Marriage Records

* Intention not recorded.


W[illia]m of Medway, and Jemima Bullard, May 18, 1826.*


Gershom and Prudence Chany, Dec. 30, 1708.*

LALAND (see Lealand, Leland)

Sarah and Eleazer Bullard, June 12, 1705.*


Maria and Timothy Lawrence, Apr. 18, 1841.


William of Roxbury, and Alona Clark, int. Sept. 18, 1808.

LARANCE (see Larwence, Laurance, Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrenc, Lawrence, Lewrence)

David and Bethia Rockett, Nov. 19, 1711.*

LARWENCE (see Larance, Laurance, Lawrence, Lawrance, Lawrenc, Lawrence, Lewrence)

Cate of Franklin, and Jered [int. Jerud] Willson, Apr. 22, 1784.

LAURANCE (see Larance, Larwence, Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrenc, LawTence, Lewrence)

Daniel and Mary Clark, May 4, 1705.*
Peleg and Elizabeth Morse, Dec. 22, 1668.*
Susannah and Joseph Williams, Nov. 15, 1710.*

LAURENCE (see Larance, Larwence, Laurance, Lawrance, Lawrenc, Lawrence, Lewrence)

Ebenezer and Mary Partredge, Nov. 25, 1706.*

LAWRANCE (see Larance, Larwence, Laurance, Laurence, Lawrenc, Lawrence, Lewrence)

Jonathan and Abigail Hamant, Dec. 1, 1708.*
Rachel, Mrs., of Walpole, and Amaziah Bulling, int. Mar. 6, 1776.
Samuel of Weston, and Mary Clark, June 22, 1758.*
[? Lawrance] Elihu of Walpole, and Tamar Cheney, Feb. 8, 1779.*

LAWRENC (see Larance, Larwence, Laurance, Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lewrence)

Lois P. of Medway, and Jonathan R. Moor, int [Apr.] 29, 1826.

LAWRENCE (see Larance, Larwence, Laurance, Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrenc, Lewrence)

Dilana and George Bird, int. Aug. 27, 1808.
Joseph and Mary Warren, Apr. 24, 1707.*
Lydia and Ezekiel Ellis, Apr. 24, 1783.
Marry [int Mary] and George Newell, Sept. 7, 1836.
Timothy and Maria Lane, Apr. 18, 1841.

LEALAND (see Laland, Leland), Aaron of Sherburn, and Mrs. Keturah [int Mrs. Ketura]
Perry, Nov. 12, 1788.
Caleb, Capt, of Sherburne, and Mary Harding, wid., Apr. 20, 1775
Electa Ann of Sherburn, and Henry Partridge Jr., int. May 1, 1842.
Experience and John Colburne, June 25, 1674.*
Nathan of Holliston, and Meribah [?] Gay, Dec. 13, 1803.*

LEARNED (see Lernord)

Mary [int. Learnard] and Seth Harding, Nov. 28, 1805.


Joseph W., 25, b. Dedham, of Springfield, s. Thomas and Sally of Dedham, and Louisa Grant, Apr. 15, 1846.*

LELAND (see Laland, Lealand)

Daniel Jr. of Sherburne, and Julia Ann Bigelow, int. Aug. 21, 1836.
Hopestill and Abigaell Hill, Nov. 5, 1678.*

LEONARD (see Learned, Lernord).

LERNORD (see Learned)

Amanda of Sherburn, and John Allen, May 29, 1817.*


Horace M. and Emily Hewins, int. Oct. 1, 1836.


Harriot and William Chenery, int. Mar. n, 1837.
Joanna of Dedham, and Seth Bullard, Nov. 3, 1761.*

LEWKENCE (see Larance, Larwence, Laurance, Laurence, Lawrance, Lawrenc, Lawrence)

Hannah and Rowland Clark, Feb. 16, 1743-4.*


Oliver of Taunton, and Ruth Hall, June 24, 1763.*


Ebenezer and Abial Morse, Feb. 15, 1727-8.*


James and Ruth Gibbs, int. [Apr.] 28, 1826.


Eunice and Josiah Clayes, June 1, 1795.


Horatio N., Rev., and Sarah Whipple, int. Oct. 24, 1835

LOVEL (see Lovell)

David and Hannah Adams, Nov. 12, 1735.*
Hannah and David Smith, Apr. 2, 1737.*
Jonathan and Mary Cheeney, Nov. 24, 1738.*-
Joseph of Medway, and Jemima Adams, Sept 27, 1764.*
Lydia and Jonathan Day, Dec. 7, 1780.
Mehettabel and Jonathan Boyden, May 31, 1726.*
Nabby [int. Lovell] and Alexander Ames [int Eames], Nov. 28, 1799.
Rachel and Nathaniel Earns, Nov. 27, 1735.*

LOVELL (see Lovel)

Alixander arid Lidiah Alby, Oct. 30, 1658.*
Betsey and Jothum Fairbanks, int. Oct. 10, 1803.
Charity and Arnold Russell, July 14, 1806.
David and Mrs. Silence Batle, int. Apr. 15, 1784.
Dyer and Mrs. Abigail Chickering, Dec. 7, 1774.
Hannah and John Fullar, int. Nov. 10, 1804.
Lidia and Joseph Ellice, Nov. 23, 1688.*
Lois and Luther Fisher, int. May 4, 1796.
Mary and Solomon Clark, Dec. 25, 1723.*
Moses [int. Lovel] and Mary Chickering [int. Molly Chickring], Mar. 4, 1781.
Olive and Timothy Hill Jr., May 16, 1793.


James and Hanna Teyler, Feb. 17, 1668-9.*
Mary and Hopestill Teylor, Feb. 17, 1668-9.*


Drusilla and Seth Smith, Oct. 24, 1759.*
Ebenezer [int Lion] and Mrs. Hannah Wood, Aug. 2, 1775.
Josiah of Souhegon, and Sarah Bullard, July 9, 1752.*

Marriage Records,

Medfield, MA. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850. New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903.

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