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Epitaphs from Graveyards in Wellesley, North Natick, and St. Mary’s Churchyard

About 1860, Charles Curtis Greenwood, a local antiquarian of ability, began to copy the inscriptions in the old graveyard at Needham, and to prepare genealogical notes in reference to each person buried there. He devoted much time and correspondence to this work, and in 1890 began to publish the results of his labors in the Dedham Historical Register. At the time of his death 397 epitaphs had been published and 228 remained in manuscript, most of which were annotated. His widow conscripted George Kuhn Clark to publish the remaining inscriptions along with all of the published inscriptions in a single volume in 1898 called “Needham Epitaths.” Clark, relying on the original transcription of Charles, along with his own new transcription, re-walked all of the cemeteries, enumerating the gravestones once again. Includes genealogical notes of the people interred.

S Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

SANDERS,      Michel, s. Daniel and Sarai, May 13, 1726.      Sarrah, d. Seth and Mary, July 4, 1763. SEARLES,      Charles Augustus, s. James and Susan, Feb. 5, 1828.      Susan Ann, d. James and Susan, Aug. 14, 1829. SHEARS (see Sheers, Sherse),      Elezebeth, d. Samuel and Mehetable, Apr. 27, 1737.      Elihy, s. Samuel and Mehetable, Apr. 3, …

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F Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

FAIRBANK (see Fairbanks, Fairebanke, Fayrbank, Fayrbanke) Georg, s. George [and] Susannah* Oct. 2, 1694. John (Fiarbank), s. George and Susannah, Oct 21 [1697]. John Woods, s. Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec. 10, 1822. Jonas, s. Georg and Susanah, Feb. 15, 1687-8. Margaret d. Georg and Susanna, Jan. 5, 1685-6. Sarah, d. George and S[torn]sanah, Nov. 8, …

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F Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Death Records to 1850

FAIRFIELD,      _____, Miss, May 24, 1842. FALES,      Benjamin, s. Ebenezer and Sarai, Apr. 22, 1731.      David, s. Ebenezer and Mary, Feb. 23, 1755.      Deborah, Mar. 4, 1801.      Ebenezer, Dea., July 19, 1755.      Hannah, Aug. 29, 1793.      Irena, d. Aaron and Abigail, Mar. 16, 1786.      James, s. Ebenezer and Mary, July 22, 1759.      James, May 20, …

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Descendants of Elder Nutter of Dover, MA

The family bearing this name in East Bridgewater, whose head was the late Hon. Isaac Newton Nutter, descends from an ancient and honorable family of early New Hampshire, and is connected by marriage in later generations with a number of the old and highly respected families of Plymouth Colony, among them descendants of the “Mayflower” Pilgrims. The emigrant ancestor,

Elder Hatevil Nutter, was born in England in 1603. He was one of those of good estate and of “some account for religion” who were induced to leave England with Captain Wiggins in 1633, and to found a town in New England on Dover Neck, in New Hampshire. His wife, Annie, and son, Anthony, accompanied him. He received several grants of land, and became a large holder of real estate. He was a ruling elder in the first church at Dover, and sometimes filled its pulpit. He filled various offices in church and state, was highly respectable, and possessed of a good share of this world’s goods. He died before June 28, 1675 (when his will was proved), at the age of seventy-one years, leaving a “present wife, Ann,” and three children.

L Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Death Records to 1850

LANE,      Ezra, Sept. 22, 1756, “at fort william Henery in ye Kings Service.” LAWRANCE (see Lawrence),      Rachal, widow, May 18, 1768. LAWRENCE (see Lawrance), ‘      Sylvia, w. Harlow, June 23, 1840. LELAND,      Laura, w. J. P., Sept. 8, 1839.      _____, ch. J. P., Aug. _____, 1839. LEWIS,      Aaron, Aug. 30, 1830.      David, Mr., May 2, …

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S Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

SABEN (see Sabin) Phebe, d. Stephen dec’d, May 23, 1745. SABIN (see Saben) Elisabeth, w. Stephen, Jan. 30, 1729-30. Elisabeth, d. Stephen and Elisabeth, Jan. 13, 1743-4. Stephen, s. Stephen and Elisabeth dec’d, Aug. 19, 1744. Thomas, s. Nehemiah and Elisabeth, Aug. 6, 1706. SADEY Mary, wid. Capt. Samuel, Dec. 18, 1763. Samuel, Capt., h. …

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R Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

RAAKE,      George Butler, s. John Christian (born Germany) and      Harriet A. (born London, Eng.), Aug. 5, 1849. RALL,      _____, d. Barney (born Ireland) and w. (born Ireland), Dec. 7, 1849. RAND [?],      Alphonzo La Fayett, s. Henry S. and Zerviah P., Feb. 15, 1824. READ (see Rede, Reed),      Oliver, s. Ichabod and Anna, Feb. 21, …

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W Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

WALLACE Abby, d. Alfred and Drusilla, Apr. 3, 1838. Charles W[illia]m, s. Alfred and Drucilla, Apr. 30, 1842. WARD Increase, s. Increase and Record, Oct. 15, 1673. WARE Addison Pierpont, s. James and Eliza, Aug. 27, 1829. WARFIELD Elihu, s. John and Hanna, Mar. 27, 1681-2. Elizabeth, d. John and Elizabeth, Apr. 29, 1665. Ephaim, …

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Medfield Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850

Medfield Massachusetts Vital Records to the year 1850. A listing of all births, marriages and deaths recorded by the town clerk of Medfield, MA up to the end of the year 1849. The town of Medfield, Norfolk County (formerly in Suffolk County, until 1793), was established May 22, 1650 in Norfolk County. On October 24, 1713, a part of Medfield was established as Medway.

Ancestors of Warren A. Reed of Brockton Massachusetts

The Reed family of Brockton, Mass., a leading member of which was Judge Warren A. Reed, lawyer and jurist, who for over a third of a century had been one of the foremost citizens of Brockton, and during the greater part of that long period connected with the judicial, civic and financial interests of the city, district and State, is one of long and honorable standing in this Commonwealth, and one the forerunner of which came to these shores over two hundred and fifty years ago. Many members of this historic family have given good account of themselves, and many are there who have been prominent in the history of this country. An account of the branch of the family to which Judge Reed belongs is here given in chronological order, beginning with the earliest American ancestor.

F Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

FAIRBANK (see Fairbanks, Fairebanke, Fayrbancke, Fayrebanke) Jonas, s. George and Susanah, Nov. 28 [?], 1690. Sarah, d. George (Fairbanks) and Susanah, Nov. 10, 1690. FAIRBANKS (see Fairbank, Fairebanke, Fayrbancke, Fayrebanke) Eliza, Mar. 28, 1835, a. 19. John, Feb. 11, 1829, a. 42. Joseph, Jan. 6, 1834, a. 24. Keziah, w. Lovell, consumption, Aug. 19, 1842, …

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Descendants of Joseph Stevens

Joseph Stevens, born Billerica, Mass., Oct. 20, 1720. Died in Winthrop, Maine, Oct. 2, 1791. Married Elizabeth Emery, born Billerica, 1723. Died Winthrop, Maine, Feb. 28, 1798. They moved to Winthrop, Me. from New Ipswich, N. H. in 1769. The names of their children were: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 10, 1744. Joseph, Jr., b. April 8, …

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